Conversational AI

Make IT support interactive

Introduce your employees to an intuitive support experience where they can get personalized and accurate IT support anytime they need it.
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Switch to smart IT support

Discover how Atomicwork uses conversational AI to offer seamless employee support, enhancing efficiency at scale.

Respond empathetically

Atomicwork's ITSM chatbot guides employees through chats and step-by-step guides to make the resolution process easy and user-friendly.

Automate routine support tasks

Conversational ITSM automates the bulk of routine requests received by the IT team such as creating a new password or installing an update.

Solve queries in real-time

Atomicwork's ITSM chatbot can answer queries instantly and round the clock regardless of the timezone and geographical location.

Create better experiences for everyone

Atomicwork's conversational AI responds to queries based on employee interactions to provide more relevant, contextual answers.

Make the resolution process more interactive

Atomicwork offers a more user-friendly way of providing answers by using chats instead of emails and support portals. It utilizes its natural language processing capabilities to better comprehend employee queries and provide personalized solutions tailored to their needs and context.
Atomicwork's AI assistant, Atom, delivers instant IT support through conversational requests in a modern and delightful interface

Reduce workload of IT teams

Atomicwork allows you to automate most of the routine IT requests, including re-logging employees into apps, installing updates, and troubleshooting software.This automation helps reduce the dependence on the IT team for everyday tasks and gives them more time to solve complex problems.

Setting up conversational ITSM also helps in keeping the IT teams happier, as they won’t have to spend most of their time doing repetitive tasks and can instead work on strategic initiatives.
A modern service catalog, highlighting streamlined service management and automated request fulfillment with Atomicwork

Customize your IT support processes

By using historical data and real-world scenarios, you can train Atomicwork to improve their accuracy and ability to answer queries. Additionally, you can customize your AI chatbot to align with your organization's IT processes, terminology, and branding guidelines.
Build fully-automated workflows and semi-automated journeys, balancing efficiency and a human touch at scale, through Atomicwork

Provide more autonomy to employees

Atomicwork incorporates self-service functionalities, allowing employees to resolve common IT problems independently.

Through the chat interface, employees can access knowledge articles, FAQs, or video tutorials that guide them through troubleshooting steps in an interactive way. This self-service approach empowers employees to find solutions on their own, reducing their dependency on IT support and promoting a sense of autonomy.
Atomicwork's private team workspaces, promote improved collaboration by allowing teams to govern processes and administer functions effortlessly

Make it easy for employees to do their job

Atomicwork reimagines a new era of work where get everything they need instantly.


Atomicwork answers employees’ queries instantly with relevant and personalized responses.


Atomicwork can be customized to align with your organization’s IT processes, terminology, and branding guidelines.

Knowledge sharing

Atomicwork lets employees easily access your knowledge base and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Atomicwork can be trained with historical data and real-world scenarios to provide relevant and accurate responses.


Atomicwork can automatically identify and resolve common IT issues such as resetting passwords or software troubleshooting.


Atomicwork can be integrated with popular tools and apps like Notion, JIRA, Sharepoint, and Google Workspace.

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