Helpdesk Efficiency

Scale your support without scaling your staff

Atomicwork enables even the most strapped IT and HR teams provide world-class support without compromising on experience or efficiency

Meet your new helpdesk MVP

Let Atom field L1 employee queries so you can focus on mission-critical projects
Turnkey AI Assistant
Upload all the knowledge documents you have at hand - company wikis, policy docs, FAQs - and add Atom to public channels so it can learn your context and start answering instantly
Provides help via channels and DMs
Atom can answer questions, provide updates and raise requests via public channels or DMs, depending on your employee's needs.
Guides employees to the right solutions
Atom can fetch services from a catalog based on an employee's conversation and guide them to raise a request right from Slack/Microsoft Teams

Maintain high quality standards

Answer employee questions in seconds, not days.

Resolve common requests instantly

Atom learns from historical Slack and Microsoft Teams conversations, service catalogs, Notion pages and company wikis to instantly answer any FAQ your employees might have.

This way, your team don't have to step in to help employees reset passwords or fill out a form for a new laptop or download their payslip
Bring service management to where the end users are in the modern digital workplace experience

Simplify how your employees get help

With Atomicwork, employees no longer have to figure out where or what request they need to be raising to get help fast.

Atom learns your service catalog so it can guide your employees to the right solutions right inside Slack or Microsoft Teams. If Atom doesn't have the right answer, employees can raise a request so an agent from your team can step in.

Reduce back-and-forth and speed up resolutions

When employees raise complex requests that need an agent's help, resolution sometimes takes longer than it should because of response delays in both ends.

Atom delivers updates and responses to both the agent and the requester, speeding up the ticket resolution cycle and making sure both parties are always up-to-date. Employees don't even have to remember ticket numbers; they can just ask Atom!

Provide proactive support and assistance

Empower your employees with all of the information they will need ahead of potentially high-volume moments like new technology implementation or tax season.

Teams can set up Atomicwork journeys with scheduled comms, assigned tasks, and automated actions to manage employee experience occasions. Atom will notify employees and guide them through the entire journey.

Built for companies focused on employee-led growth

Treat your employees like your customers
Empower employees by federating your internal knowledge sources so Atom provides instant answers
Efficiently manage requests from employees by streamlining routing and internal collaboration
Streamline the incident management process to efficiently address issues and learn from disruptions.
Craft and implement tailored employee experiences at scale, collaborating with stakeholders across teams from onboarding to offboarding
Atomicwork helps
Improve your teams' operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, prioritization, approvals, and reminders
Stay on top of organization trends and challenges, while advancing employee experience and productivity

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