IT Messaging

Bring IT support to your messaging channel

Support your employees where they are by providing easy-to-use IT support on messaging channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
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Make your messaging channel a one-stop destination for all queries

Consolidate all tools and processes in one platform to maximize convenience for employees.

Increase productivity

Atomicwork provides instant support to employees on messaging channels they already use. So employees don’t have to go through multiple platforms or reach out to different departments, thus saving a lot of time and energy.

Increase engagement

Atomicwork makes support more accessible and engaging. Employees can ask questions as if they are texting another person and receive solutions that are clear, empathetic, and easy to implement.

Increase trust

Atomicwork responds to employees in real-time and shares regular updates on their approvals and requests. This promptness and transparency increase employees' trust in the organization and its systems.

Serve employees where they are

Atomicwork offers support via direct messages and channels like Slack and MS Teams.

Resolve queries on the go

Atom, our AI assistant, helps employees find the answers they are looking for, instantly. By providing answers directly on MS Teams and Slack, Atom ensures a quick turnaround time minimizing any delays.
Atomicwork's AI assistant, Atom, delivers instant IT support through conversational requests in a modern and delightful interface

Share relevant information

Atom can search through documents on Wiki, Notion, Confluence, and SharePoint to gather information on various subjects. It also learns from historical conversations in channels and uses this knowledge to provide precise and relevant answers. With this functionality, employees can easily access useful information.
A modern service catalog, highlighting streamlined service management and automated request fulfillment with Atomicwork

Manage public and private conversations

Atom is designed carefully to work with different kinds of information – public knowledge, personal documents, private information, confidential and sensitive data.You get to decide who gets to see what using intelligent rules and workflows.
Build fully-automated workflows and semi-automated journeys, balancing efficiency and a human touch at scale, through Atomicwork

Enhance employee experience

All employee information is automatically synced between Atomicwork, your HRMS, and other softwares. This means that employees don’t have to do anything except ask Atom for what they need and it shall be taken care of. Atom streamlines employee tasks by allowing requests for information or services directly on Microsoft Teams or Slack, eliminating the need to visit multiple portals.
Atomicwork's private team workspaces, promote improved collaboration by allowing teams to govern processes and administer functions effortlessly

All your employees’ needs in one place

Atom, our AI assistant, meets employees on the platform they use the most – the organization’s messaging channel.


Provide instant answers for your employees’ queries on Slack or MS Teams with our integrated support system.


Integrate our ITSM chatbot with your messaging channel so employees can raise and manage requests directly through chats.

Knowledge access

Provide employees with a wealth of information right on their chats – be it policy documents or know-how articles.


Collaborate effortlessly across teams, share insights, and resolve issues right on your messaging platform.


Create meaningful journeys for your employees encompassing their important days, promotion, training, and well-being.


Be in control of data and security by deciding who gets to see what using intelligent rules and workflows.

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