Friction-free finance operations

Provide seamless financial services like never before by making it easy for your finance teams to stay compliant without compromising on experience.

Bring finance closer to your business

Atomicwork reimagines finance operations for everybody in your team
Your finance teams get streamlined operations
Atomicwork makes it easy for your finance teams to implement  processes that are effective, predictable, and scalable for growing businesses.
Your employees get simpler processes
Aid your employees in finding financial information and getting help by abstracting complex processes into simpler ones that don't involve a learning curve.
Your partner teams get agility and freedom
Enable your partner teams to generate new invoices, make vendor payments, and find important documents by creating workflows that save cost and time.

Transform your FinOps with AI

Powerful finance workflows for people-first organizations

Answer every finance question instantly

Employees want their finance questions answered quickly and would prefer to avoid a long wait when they're waiting for information about their salary or payments.

Atomicwork uses AI to respond to employees instantly and enables them to get relevant information without waiting for a human to become available.

Automate payment requests and approvals

Timely payments make the world go round; your teams can get frustrated when their jobs are directly impacted by a pending approval or transaction.

Atomicwork automates payment requests and helps you define approval policies when required, saving you several hours of manual work every month.

Stay on top of payroll and compliance needs

Finance teams spend days and weeks educating employees about taxation, getting them to make declarations, and collecting relevant invoices.

Atomicwork helps you set up proactive processes around your payroll schedule and compliance processes so that you can run things in self-service mode.

Manage access to sensitive information

When running finance ops at scale, you must diligently create policies about sensitive information and enforce them across the org.

With Atomicwork, you can provide granular access to financial information for relevant people while keeping other stakeholders informed on a need-to-know basis.

Everything you need to
support and engage your team

The employee success platform you didn't know you needed
Provide instant help to your employees around the clock by consolidating your internal knowledge sources.
Streamline incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right expert, and collaborate to fulfill them.
Streamline the incident management process to efficiently address issues and learn from disruptions.
Manage curated employee experiences at scale from onboarding to offboarding with stakeholder collaboration.
Improve your IT operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, approvals, and reminders.
Stay on top of key trends and challenges in your organization and find ways to improve EX and productivity.

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