Modern Incident Management

IT incident management for modern teams

Make identifying, acting on and resolving incidents easy for your team, with Atomicwork.
Atomicwork identifies and clusters user-reported email incidents for ease of management

Run IT incidents with confidence

Help your IT service teams implement best practices and turn them into employee habits

Uncover related incidents with AI

Handle all the moving parts of incident management intelligently, with Atomicwork.

As incidents come in, Atomicwork can categorize and link related incidents and notify IT admins so that they can mobilize the incident response team instantaneously. Atom can also auto-link all new, related requests and let the requesters know of the current workaround/status.

Setup incident management workflows

Identify incidents, group related issues, and easily manage all of your incidents from one view.

Your IT team can quickly kickoff incident playbooks without having to spend time prioritizing and categorizing incidents; playbooks can span actions from assigning agents to performing actions in Azure AD, Okta and BambooHR.
"Incident management workflow automation interface with triggers for creating an incident, assessing high impact, and an action to assign the incident to an IT agent

Manage all your incidents from one place

Link related incidents so you can keep track of all your incidents, major and minor, from one view. This way, you can send updates and cascade all actions from the primary incident.
User interface for broadcasting a progress update message to four linked IT support incidents regarding an ongoing incident

Dig deep into your incidents

Identify incident trends and recurring pain points so that you can improve your incident playbooks. Break incidents down by severity, affected parts, custom attributes and more.

IT admins can also drill down into Atom insights, employee messages and the AI Assistant's performance, for feedback on their incident response documentation and plans.
Dashboard showing an Incidents Management Report with a pie chart of categories, metrics on time to first response and resolution, and a bar graph for Resolution SLA performance

Eliminate IT admin busywork

Atomicwork covers all of your IT incident management needs
Predict. Prevent. Prosper.

Start with triggers

Setup workflows that don't need a human to trigger them - when an incident is created, updated or priority changes.


End-users can add context by attaching relevant documents, images, or error logs to fast-track your incident process.

Send notifications

Keep your end-users and agents notified of updates and remind them to act on their requests proactively.

Custom statuses

Manage your incident lifecycle by identifying stages in your support process and aligning them with workflows.

Dive deep into incidents

Break incidents down by severity, affected parts, category, subcategory, response time, resolution time, SLA hit rate, and more.

Bring teammates upto speed

New incident response team members can get upto speed on past incidents through AI-generated incident summaries.

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