Connect your Microsoft ecosystem with Atomicwork

Boost efficiency across teams by integrating your tech stack and simplifying connections, data flow and workflows.

Efficiency 🤝 productivity

The Atomicwork-Microsoft partnership makes it easy for modern IT teams to
deliver modern employee experiences

Enhance productivity

Integrate your tech stack so that your employees can access and manage their tasks, communications, and files through Atom.

Streamline workflows

Automate routine and repeatable tasks, across platforms. Employees can focus on higher-value activities instead of spending their time on manual tasks.

Improved communication

Employees can receive instant answers, status updates, and coordinate with team members, all within their familiar Teams environment.

Bridge the data and workflow gap between teams

Atomicwork is designed to flexibly scale to meet the needs of all kinds of companies

Take service management to the end-users in Microsoft Teams

Atomicwork helps IT teams provide services and setup employee self-service right inside Teams, through an AI Assistant.

End users can get answers, create requests and even receive guided assistance for issues like password reset, software access etc., without a human in the loop.

Bring Azure Active Directory actions to Atomicwork

Integrate Azure Active Directory (now Microsoft Entra) with Atomicwork to power end-to-end workflows for IT teams and end users.

IT teams can setup repetitive, high-precision workflows like onboarding, offboarding, user provisioning, software access provisioning in Atomicwork and trust that the tasks will be executed, the “i”s dotted and the “t”s crossed.

Search SharePoint from Atomicwork

Make your SharePoint sites, pages and docs accessible right from Teams through the AI Assistant.

This means that employees can just ask Atom for information instead of going down a document rabbit hole.

Keep devices in tune with Atomicwork-Intune integration

Integrate Intune with Atomicwork so you can complete the asset lifecycle and link employee assets to service requests.

IT agents can also perform remote device actions like reset passcode or wipe right from the service desk and avoid the tab-switching.

Everything you need in a modern ITSM solution

Atomicwork covers all of your ITSM needs in one integrated, AI-powered platform.

Conversational AI assistant

Support your employees with instant help anytime.

Request management

Manage everything from service requests to incidents from Atomicwork.

End-to-end resolutions

Help employees with solutions to frequently encountered issues

Asset management

Track and manage IT assets used in your organization.

Automated workflows

Drive faster resolutions with intelligent automation.

Essential integrations

Bring all your apps together in one place for quick actions.

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