Create standout EX moments

Set employees up for success from the minute they accept the offer by building journeys for key lifecycle moments.

Personalize every employee touchpoint

Craft your employee experience to say what matters when it matters the most.

Powered by your tech stack

Use events from an employee's lifecycle to trigger tasks, send messages, and actions in other software that you use like Azure Active Directory, Okta, Checkr, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Build connections, not lists

Use Atomicwork to manage tasks, followups, reminders, and automated actions so that your HR team can focus on the important stuff like employee success initiatives and not on keeping track of whether an ID card has been issued or not.

Supercharge productivity

Atom can help employees sort their software access, raise requests, and find information quickly and in a user-friendly manner right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. Give every employee an assistant of their own!

Do your employees have everything
they need to be successful?

Empower your employees every day.

Onboarding journeys

Set your new hires up for success right from day 1. Schedule and automate tasks and comms for the first 30/60/90 days.

Compliance journeys

Manage information circulars to make sure every employee is up to speed on security and compliance practices.

Training journeys

Craft continuous learning plans so that all employees know everything they need to know about your technology and tools.

Well-being journeys

Monitor your employees' well-being and make sure they're in optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Promotion journeys

Design journeys for first-time managers to bring them up to speed on expectations, goalposts and success metrics.

Feedback journeys

Build feedback loops and keep all stakeholders in the know so they can step in and engage if needed.

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