CMDB software

Make Atomicwork your single, trusted CMDB

Enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and drive strategic decisions with a robust CMDB software

Transform Your IT Operations

Streamline management, enhance resolutions, and improve stability

Fragmented asset tracking

Lack of a centralized CMDB system leads to inconsistent and incomplete asset information.

Inefficient incident resolution

Without clear visibility into system dependencies, diagnosing and resolving incidents becomes time-consuming and error-prone.

Poor Change Management

Inadequate understanding of the impact of changes on the IT environment results in increased downtime and operational disruptions.

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure

Harness the power of a comprehensive CMDB software

Single pane of glass

Provide IT teams with a single, centralized repository for managing all IT assets and configurations. This holistic view ensures better asset tracking, reduces redundancies, and simplifies compliance with regulatory standards.

Improved incident and change management

Quickly identify the relationships and dependencies between different components. This insight is crucial for effective incident and change management, as it helps in diagnosing issues faster and assessing the impact of changes before implementation.

Enhanced decision making

Empower IT teams with accurate, up-to-date information, facilitating informed decision-making. By understanding the current state and history of configurations, admins can better plan upgrades, allocate resources efficiently, and anticipate future needs, leading to more strategic and proactive IT management.

Proactive Risk Management

Proactively manage risks by providing a comprehensive view of the IT environment. With detailed information on asset configurations and dependencies, potential vulnerabilities and threats can be identified and addressed before they escalate.

Everything you need for effective configuration management

All the information you need, without any of the manual data collection tasks

Asset management

Manage laptops, tablets, monitors or mobile phone access from one place.

Incident management

Resolve incidents quickly—whether it’s a laptop or Wifi access issue.

Automated workflows

Drive faster resolutions for employee requests with AI-powered automation.

Request management

Categorize and organize internal requests across various teams effortlessly.

Integrate your work apps

Bring all your IT systems and apps together for seamless experiences.

AI-powered assistant

Support your end-users with instant and accurate help anytime.

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