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HR Service Delivery
HR Service Delivery

One-stop HR service delivery for modern teams

Navigate through HR service requests seamlessly and offer conversational support to employees for all payroll, compliance, and other administrative queries

Automate HR service desk requests with employee delight at scale

Delight employees, save costs and free up your HROps team’s time with Atomicwork, a purpose-built conversational AI

Superior employee experience

Offer high-quality HR service delivery from employee onboarding to routine HROps query resolution at scale.

One-click HR case management

Develop streamlined workflows to process HR service requests in the shortest timeframe using Atomicwork.

Faster time-to-resolution

Resolve HR service requests faster by offering a self-guided, conversational AI support with a human-assisted HRSD.

Unlock your HR team's potential

Atomicwork helps you build an efficient and powerful HR service delivery process accessible to all employees

Deliver on-demand HR services

Atomicwork's conversational AI platform provides on-demand HR services for employees from different departments, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Empower HR teams to do their best work

HR teams have a lot on their plate, from hiring to onboarding. By automating repetitive HR support queries, Atomicwork frees HR teams to focus on more important business tasks. With Atomicwork, HR teams can work smarter, not harder.

Resolve repetitive queries instantly

Atomicwork streamlines HR service requests by automating repetitive queries through Atom AI, allowing service agents to focus on resolving complex issues and providing top-notch support.

Scale your HR service delivery process

Manual HR service delivery is impossible for distributed workforces where teams are scattered worldwide. Using Atom AI, our conversational solution allows employees to find answers for their urgent HR queries instantly, regardless of their location or time zone.

The ultimate solution for all your HR management needs

Experience seamless HR service request management with Atomicwork

Best-in-class support

Support employees with interactive, prompt, accurate answers to their queries without involving the HR services.

Sharp learning curve

With Atomicwork's HR service portal, you can effortlessly manage HR tasks without the need for additional skills or training.

Simple UI

Atomicwork’s simple, ChatGPT-like UI ensures everyone can use it without frequent assistance.

Customized workflows

Build workflows that cover diverse HR service request use cases like payroll, compliance, onboarding, and more.

Higher employee engagement

Automate repetitive and mundane work, allowing employees to focus on meaningful, impact-driven tasks instead.

In-depth analytics

Keep track of critical metrics in an intuitive dashboard and get insights into the HR support team’s performance easily.

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