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AI-driven modern digital workplace experiences

Deliver stellar employee experiences, reimagined with Atomicwork.
An employee showcasing the modern digital workplace experience

Transform employee processes with intelligent solutions

Discover how Atomicwork addresses critical digital workplace issues,
enhancing efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

Reduce content and tool fatigue

Atomicwork's proprietary AI Assistant, Atom, enables enterprise knowledge and app access so end-users don't have to spend time looking up information in a number of tools.

Proactive issue resolution and one-click support

Say goodbye to recurring IT and HR problems. Atomicwork identifies and resolves issues before they impact your operations, saving you cost, time and money.

Seamless enterprise teams collaboration

Foster teamwork effortlessly with Atomicwork; enable communication, process and knowledge-sharing across IT, HR, Finance and Facilities so that your teams don't work in siloes.

Deliver great digital experiences with  GenAI

Powerful enterprise knowledge management and instant answers with Atomicwork's AI Assistant

Bring service management to where your end users are

Employees never have to go to a portal again to get help. Atom, our AI Assistant, connects to your organizational knowledge graph and answers all their questions on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Not only do employees get relevant and personalized answers for the questions they ask but they also adhere to global standards in data, application and infrastructure security.
Bring service management to where the end users are in the modern digital workplace experience

Zero-touch resolutions for common IT, HR and Finance requests

Beyond answers, Atom can resolve questions about password resets, getting access to software and files, getting employment confirmation letters, etc. making sure your employees are not stranded unproductively.

Atomicwork comes with 100+ preconfigured skills, out-of-the-box, eliminating not just common requests from coming to your team but also the admin time you'd have to sink into configuring and maintaining workflows.
A modern service catalog, highlighting streamlined service management and automated request fulfillment with Atomicwork

Make work meaningful for all teams, including IT

‍Atomicwork supports asset, incident, service request and change management so IT teams can manage all of their ITSM processes from one place.

The best part? IT teams can leverage built-in AI features to cut down on manual operations and speed up issue, incident and change management.
Make work meaningful for all teams with a digital workplace experience solution

Bring all of your line-of-business tools together

The modern digital workplace experience is very fragmented due to many point solutions that don't work well together so teams have to spend a lot of time performing data updates or setting up and maintaining third-party workflow products.

From employee onboarding and offboarding to data sync, leverage our enterprise integrations with line-of-business tools  and workflows to build out any process the way you like it.
Bring your line of business tools together with a digital workplace experience solution

Supercharge agent productivity
and employee delight

Explore the key AI features that make Atomicwork the go-to digital workplace experience solution

AI-generated summaries

Atom, our AI Assistant, summarizes long conversations so you'll never have to spend time reading through all interactions to get an overview.

AI generated reports

Incoming questions are grouped by themes automatically so that your team doesn't have to spend time categorizing data for your reporting needs.

Fast actions on tickets

Your team can instantly create users, add them to groups, and perform any action from within Atomicwork without having to open new tabs again and again.

Slot filling for tickets

The subject, description and other attributes are automatically filled, bringing relief and eliminating grunt work for your employees when they raise questions.

Incident detection

Emerging incidents are automatically detected so your team can immediately respond, resolve and inform the employees affected by the issues they raised.

Smart request routing

Your team no longer has to dedicate time to setting up routing rules for all request usecases; Atomicwork's intelligent routing feature makes sure requests are routed to the right workspace.

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