Bring your Notion pages to Slack and Teams

Make finding enterprise information conversationally as easy as 1-2-3 by connecting your Notion account with Atomicwork

Help information find your employees

The modern workplace demands staying on top of a bewildering number of tools to find the information you need for work. Instead of spending clicks and time to find information, all your employees have to do is ask Atom.

Bring all of your knowledge sources together

Imagine if your IT and HR teams could integrate all their knowledge sources with Atomicwork so they don’t spend all of their time telling employees where to look for information on policy docs or service capabilities and could instead focus on bigger and better things! Atom updates its knowledge every 6 hours from Notion to be the ultimate source of truth for your employees.

Personalized, contextual answers

Adhere to information security protocols and avoid information burden by segmenting your information and mapping it to employees. This way, sensitive information stays on a need-to-know basis and employees only have access to whatever they need to know.

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What is Atomicwork?
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How can I try Atomicwork?
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