All-in-one enterprise service management

Extend service management principles to teams beyond IT and streamline employee experiences.

Go beyond IT support with Atomicwork

Make Atom, Atomicwork's proprietary AI Assistant, a one-stop bot for all things service management for employees

Your employees get more efficient and productive

Your end-users know where to go for all the information and services they need and don't need to break the flow of their work

Your service teams get agility and freedom

HR, Finance, Legal, Facilities and other workplace teams can independently manage service requests, documentation and sources, with minimum IT intervention

Your workplace experience becomes more streamlined

All the software used to provide employee services and manage data can be streamlined and managed from Atomicwork

Bring your service desks to where your end-users are

Atom answers questions, solve issues and send announcements to employees right where they are

Make it easy for employees to find information

Whether your employees are looking for information on benefits or are trying to figure out how to raise a timeoff request, the answer is simple: Atom.

Employees can get answers through public channels or DMs in Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Help information easily find your employees

Send announcements, schedule tasks and trigger training journeys so your employees are always on top of important information that they need to know

Manage onboarding, offboarding and employee lifecycle journeys

Streamline moments that matter for your employees; automate the moving parts of onboarding and offboarding so your employees can make their transition smoothly.

Assign tasks, send reminders, schedule automations so work gets done automatically.

Setup human-in-the-loop automations with AI skills

Help employees help themselves through common requests like employment letter generation, app access, BambooHR profile updates through Atom skills.

HR, Finance, Legal and other teams can also setup approval policies so that requests go through proper channels.

Everything you need for enterprise service management

Atomicwork is the missing element in your EX stack that can bring everything together

Conversational support

No more dialog flows or chatbots; employees can converse with Atom as they would with anyone on your team.

Case management

Organize services into a catalog and streamline incoming requests so that employees can get help fast.

Contextual answers

Employees can access information and services relevant to their role, department or location, based on your specifications.

Employee lifecycle journeys

Make the most of moments that matter by curating employee experiences at scale. From onboarding to offboarding, manage employee journeys.

Employee workflows

Improve your HR, Legal and Finance team’s operational efficiency by automating manual work like tasks, approvals, and reminders.

Unified employee stack

Bring your EX stack together without complex integrations or overhead so your teams can focus more on experience and less on maintenance

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