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IT Workflow Automation
IT Workflow Automation

Make your work flow

Automate complex IT service request workflows and reduce turnaround time for employee and end user support.

The future of IT work

Imagine a world where IT support tickets seamlessly move through approval processes, timelines are dynamically adjusted based on priorities, from onboard to offboarding becomes a finely tuned orchestration

Tailored IT workflow design

The heart of IT operations lies in ticketing workflows. Atomicwork transforms ticketing into a smart, automated IT process. From approvals to prioritization and triaging, witness a level of IT efficiency that adapts to the ever-changing demands of end user support.

User-friendly IT automations

No need for coding expertise. Atomicwork's user-friendly visual interface empowers IT and even HR teams to design and implement AI-powered IT workflows without the need for extensive technical knowledge. From concept to execution, take control effortlessly.

Reduce IT costs and errors

IT managers can automate the manual work behind the entire employee lifecycle— from provisioning  access to applications to securely offboarding departing employees. Enhance IT security and reduce errors effortlessly.

Designed with efficiency in mind

Because every minute counts for IT support and service desk teams

Powered by your tech and processes

Deliver operational harmony by bringing IT tools and stakeholders onto the same page. Atomicwork ensures that your enterprise technology stack can operate in sync by enabling IT managers to streamline workflow actions across platforms, with the different teams they collaborate with Atomicwork AI workflows.

Have a new hire joining today? Create an SSO account for them in your Identity Access Management platform of choice (Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta), add them to your collaboration software (Slack or MS Teams), add them to channels and schedule messages to be sent out at key moments. All in the click of a button.

Automate IT request workflow actions

Configure intelligent workflows effortlessly with an interface designed for simplicity to automate IT service requests.

Set up automatic routing workflows based on priority, department, or service request, automatic prioritization workflows based on fields like level or location, approval worflows and even third-party actions like "Send a Teams message" or "Add user to a Teams channel".

Keep everyone in the know

Information is power. Set up workflows to notify key IT stakeholders and keep them in the loop.

Worried about a potential security breach? Create a private channel with management and post updates there for relevant requests. Offboarding an employee? Send updates to their manager and HRBP about what actions need to be performed before the employee's last day. Now, you no longer have to wonder if you've done enough to make sure everyone has access to the information they need whenever they need it.

Elevate employee experiences

Experiences don't wait for a hand to shape them; design and manage key employee lifecycle moments from onboarding to offboarding but also everything in between like compliance training, security training and so on.

Atom, Atomicwork's AI Assistant, can handhold employees through these journeys, answer questions and deliver announcements so employees don't feel lost.

Unlock zen mode

Go from employee support to employee success

One-stop employee shop

Keep employee data consistent across your tech stack, through Atomicwork. Use workflow and journey actions to perform updates and trigger actions.

Make onboarding fun again

Embrace a new era of onboarding that can prioritize empowerment over information overload, with Atom, everyone's friendly neighbourhood bot.

Not your average bot

Atom has an intuitive understanding of language and can deliver a support experience that is both familiar and efficient.

Seamless approvals

Reduce the approval cycle by automating popular approval workflows like software access or expense approval workflows for C-suite execs.

Third-party actions

Trigger actions, based on events and conditions, in other software you use like Okta, Azure AD, Google Workspace, Slack and more.

Low-code, almost no-code

Atomicwork comes with key no-code integrations out-of-the-box but you can also trigger actions in other products through webhooks.

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What is Atomicwork AI automation platform?
Why do I need an AI workflow automation software?
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What is Atomicwork AI workflow automation?
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Why do I need a AI workflow automation product?
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What are the key benefits?
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How can I trust that employee interactions will be safe and secure?
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