Less tickets,
more automation

Free up your IT team by automating user provisioning, software access, password resets and other manual tasks.

Create powerful workflows that
change the way you serve employees

Treat your employees like your customers, with proactive help.

Configure triaging workflows

Quit the manual work and setup your request routing workflows in Atomicwork. You can add triggers, workflows and conditions to setup a decision path for even the most complex of workflows.

This way, requests get automatically routed and prioritized and your team can focus on just customer satisfaction.

Seamless approval mechanisms

Unlock efficiency with automated approvals. No matter the volume, automation can scale effortlessly and make sure that your turnaround times stay the same and no one is blocked.

Tailor approval mechanisms, set conditions for approvals and make sure they align with your organization's unique requirements.

Extend workflows beyond your servicing needs

Don't stop with automating task reminders and emails within Atomicwork; you can extend your workflows to any third-party app to perform actions across your company's tech stack with the help of our native integrations and webhook actions.

Everything to power your workflows,
including the bells and whistles

We're workflow builders ourselves and understand the art of creating them.


Use our out-of-the-box triggers to have automation run at the right time, even if you have hundreds of them running in parallel with each other.

Conditional branching

With conditional branching, you get to choose a new path for every response to every question in your forms and leave nothing to chance.

Personalized messages

Send personalized messages based on employee's profiles and use dynamic placeholders to create workflows that adapt to different scenarios.

Instant field updates

Any updates performed by Atomicwork happen in real-time, allowing you to chain actions and conditions without worrying about delays and error messages.

Private workspaces

Make it easy for every department and team in your company, and allow them to automate work with boundaries but without dependencies.

Drafts and auto-save

Create complex workflows over time using drafts that get saved automatically and publish them whenever you feel confident.

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