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Modern ITSM Solution
Modern ITSM Solution

All-in-one modern ITSM solution

Generative AI has changed ITSM as we know it. Find out how you can modernize your service management with our GenAI ITSM platform.

3 reasons to adopt a modern ITSM solution

Traditional ITSM solutions were built based on employee behavior that existed decades ago. Next-gen workplaces need a modern take on ITSM.

Enhance employee self-service

Searching for knowledge articles in outdated portals is a thing of the past. A modern ITSM solution leverages GenAI and NLP capabilities to surface relevant answers for employee queries quickly from extensive knowledge sources.

Boost productivity of IT teams

Ease your IT team’s workload with AI doing all the heavy lifting. AI-powered workflows and automation can easily identify and automate mundane service management tasks that improves the efficiency of your IT agents.

Achieve business excellence

Modern ITSM puts employees at the heart of its operations. It reduces the friction between end uses and IT teams by providing contextual help, quick IT support, and meaningful insights that contribute to the overall success of modern enterprise operations.

How modern ITSM takes an employee-centric approach

Modern IT service management goes beyond fixing or managing IT services—it transforms employees experiences.

Bring IT support to where your employees are

Stop sending employees to outdated support portals and their already-cluttered mail inbox to raise and track IT issues. A modern ITSM solutions offers conversational employee support by enabling employees to raise IT issues, request for access, or find instant answers to their IT queries via Slack or MS teams.

You can centralize all your knowledge sources and allow AI to power intelligent self-service that end users can access in their common collaboration platforms.

Automate to save employee time and efforts

Whether it’s automating software access requests or addressing repetitive password reset issues, empower your IT team to give faster resolutions with powerful, out-of-the box and automation. Configure ITSM workflows to prioritize, approve, or assign tickets automatically using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Give both end users and IT teams their time back to focus on more strategic work while AI does all the heavy lifting.

Get nuanced insights on ITSM processes

Track your IT team performance and measure how satisfied employees are with the support that you extend with detailed analytics and in-depth reporting capabilities within your ITSM solution. You can also find out if your conversational IT AI assistant is being actually helpful with the answers it surfaces. If not, Atom analytics can help you enrich your knowledge sources to satisfy end-user queries and reduce the support ticket volume further.

Extend modern service management to all teams

Delight employees by offering high-quality resolutions when they reach out to HR, finance or payroll teams and not just your IT team. Automate common employee onboarding or leave management workflows right on Atomicwork and run a modern enterprise service management on one integrated platform.

Everything you need for modern IT service management

Built with AI from the ground up, Atomicwork has all that you need for successful IT service management.

Asset management

Record asset data, view asset relationships and simplify tracking IT assets’ lifecycles.

Explore asset management

Request management

From request creation to closure, manage service requests effortlessly with AI.

Explore request management

Incident management

Identify, cluster and automate incident management for swift resolutions.

Explore incident management

Change management

Configure change approval policies and manage change processes from one place.

Explore change management

Security and compliance

Our platform ensure that you meet all security and industry-level compliance standards.

Explore security standards

Enterprise integrations

Connect with essential IT and collaboration apps like Slack or Okta for contextual IT support.

Explore all integrations

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