Problem Management

Focus on fixes, not problems

Proactively identify problems so you can work on root cause analysis and minimize incident impact

A problem properly documented
is half solved

Problem identification made easy

Document problems, identify causes and fix underlying issues. AI identifies and recommends the right incidents and root causes so you can focus on the fix!

All of your problem documentation in one place

Record the results of your root cause analysis and document workarounds against the problem context. Once an agent identifies a fix or a workaround, they can even broadcast updates to related incidents!

Initiate resolutions through change control

There are some known errors. For everything else, link problems and setup changes so you can rollout fixes.

Modern problems need
modern problem management solutions

Slot fill information

When a major incident gives way to problem analysis, the problem’s title and description are auto-generated from incident information

Get Atom to do the
grunt work

Atom can identify relevant incidents and nudge agents to create Problems (the good kind)

Root out problems

Document and review workarounds with your team so you can minimize impact and disruptions

Delegate task generation

Atom can take the first spin at generating tasks so you can just review the list and assign tasks to the team

Broadcast fixes

Once your team has a fix, they can just broadcast the solution to all affected requesters. No more ctrl c + ctrl v!

Report on problems

Stay on top of top problems and incidents so your team can run into unknown unknowns, not known knowns


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