Modern IT ops for service teams

Simple for your employees, flexible for your IT teams. Atomicwork makes it easy for businesses to offer personalized support with minimum overhead.

Go beyond IT support with Atomicwork

Atomicwork aligns the needs and goals of your IT operations with your business
Your IT teams get more efficient and productive
Make it easy for your IT teams to be more productive without compromising on response times, quality of support interactions and employee satisfaction.
Your employees get instant help and support
Take advantage of our AI assistant to offer employee services or troubleshoot issues around the clock without having staff available to support your team.
Your partner teams get agility and freedom
Empower your partner teams like HR, Finance, or Legal to be independent with private spaces and administration capabilities, with minimum  IT intervention.

Bring your IT helpdesk closer to your employees

The missing element in your IT stack

Instant IT support with conversational requests

When your growing employee base needs support at different times of the day, your solution should be something other than hiring more people or getting your team to do overtime.

With Atomicwork, you can deploy an AI assistant to be your first responder for any question or request and offer relevant knowledge when it's required.
Atomicwork's AI assistant, Atom, delivers instant IT support through conversational requests in a modern and delightful interface

Simple service delivery with service catalog

Whether it's software access or hardware provisioning, streamlining your services and getting your employees to raise requests has always been a chore.

Atomicwork makes it easy for your IT teams to organize their work into services and recommends them to employees proactively to avoid redundant work.
A modern service catalog, highlighting streamlined service management and automated request fulfillment with Atomicwork

Practical automation with workflows and journeys

Efficient IT support should not be a choice between breaking the bank and making your employees jump through hoops for everyday needs and assistance.

Atomicwork combines fully-automated workflows and semi-automated journeys to help you add a human touch while operating at scale.
Build fully-automated workflows and semi-automated journeys, balancing efficiency and a human touch at scale, through Atomicwork

Minimize bottlenecks with team workspaces

In most organizations, the IT team manages tools across teams and departments, which quickly gets frustrating for all parties involved.

Atomicwork lets your IT team govern processes while allowing each team to administer and operate their functions without hassle.
Atomicwork's private team workspaces, promote improved collaboration by allowing teams to govern processes and administer functions effortlessly

Everything you need to
support and engage your team

Go from employee support to employee success, with Atomicwork
Provide instant help to your employees around the clock by consolidating your internal knowledge sources.
HR teams use Atomicwork to streamline and manage requests from employees; everything from questions about benefits and health insurance to payroll errors!
Streamline incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right expert, and collaborate to fulfill them.
Offer a wide range of employee support services across departments, and deliver them intelligently with automation.
Manage curated employee experiences at scale from onboarding to offboarding with stakeholder collaboration.
Improve your IT operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, approvals, and reminders.
Set up private workspaces for every team to configure their own workflows
Stay on top of key trends and challenges in your organization and find ways to improve EX and productivity.

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