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So you can reduce costs, maximize productivity and deliver great employee experiences.
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Our journey with Atomicwork to transition our ticketing systems to their AI-based Microsoft Teams Interface has been remarkable. The product has transformed how we manage our IT and business workflows, offering a seamless enterprise integration to meet our needs efficiently.
Chad Ghosn
Global CTO and CIO,
AMMEX Corporation
Our end users want quick and accurate answers to their questions and have no interest in the process of obtaining them. Atomicwork addresses this challenge efficiently, revolutionizing information access.
Syachfri Tjhia
Head of IT,
Catalyst Education

Bring enterprise services to where your users are

Say hello to Atom, our AI assistant, that helps you deliver a modern employee experience by leveraging knowledge from internal sources to offer instant answers for support queries.

Help the right information find your employees

Atom learns from knowledge sources like Confluence, SharePoint and Notion, chats, emails and wikis to take any question, any time.

One-click support

Employees can create services requests, get help and updates straight from Teams and Slack.
Atom identifies issues, troubleshoots them and provides workarounds without human intervention

Self-serve troubleshooting

Atom helps your end users solve frequently encountered problems on their own, without waiting on your IT team. Learn more.
Atom automates manual work for your employees to save time and effort every day

Personalized answers

Atom learns from past conversations to deliver answers contextual to an employee based on dept, location etc.
Atom can send proactive updates and announcements to employees to help them complete action items

Enterprise grade security

Atom is built with security, privacy and compliance in mind and is compliant with global standards and ethical practices.
Atom is built with data security and privacy standards in mind and can handle sensitive information carefully
Our end users want quick and accurate answers to their questions and have no interest in obtaining them. Atomicwork addresses this challenge efficiently, revolutionizing information access.
Syachfri Tjhia, Head of Information at Catalyst Education
Sychafri Tjhia
Head of IT, Catalyst Education
IT service desk

Maximize service efficiency. Minimize frustration.

Atomicwork is a modern IT service desk that offers a hassle-free experience to your end users as well as your HR and IT teams by streamlining requests, incidents and assets.

Fulfill service requests

Give your end users access to any business service they need through Atom.

Manage your hardware and software assets

Give your admins control over managed and unmanaged asset allocation, tracking,
lifecycle and ownership.
Atomicwork's asset management module helps IT teams keep track of all their resources' lifecycle

Troubleshoot incidents swiftly

Act fast, minimize impact and create consistency by managing incidents from Atomicwork. Identify incidents, setup workflows and provide updates with ease.
Stay on top of incoming requests and issues by categorizing, prioritizing and assigning them to the right expert.

Implement changes smoothly

Make change transitions with minimal disruption, high adoption rates, and enhanced organizational resilience.
Make change transitions smooth with Atomicwork's change management module

A single powerful platform for all 
your enterprise service needs

Bring all of your internal processes together and align them with your business objectives. Deploy a single solution that works for all of your teams and departments.

Seamlessly plug Atomicwork into your apps

Get more power out of your tools and trigger critical workflows, saving your team time and energy.

Make smarter decisions with insights

The best decisions are data driven. Track your team's impact and identify improvement areas through insights.
Tap into insights and metrics about your process to make informed decisions with your team

Flexible workspaces

Empower every team to run their processes with custom settings and workflows.
Create self-managed workspaces for every employee facing team to enable seamless administration and execution

Granular permissions

Give least privilege access and permissions to make sure there's no data leaks.
Manage roles and permissions at a granular level to empower your employees with the right kind of guardrails

Employee directory

Everything you need to know about all your employees and their requests.
Collect all the relevant information you need about employees and use them to customize your services

Managed security

Keep your logins simple and unsilly by enabling sign-on for your agents and end users.
Leverage single-sign-on with IAM apps to enable enhanced security and automated provisioning

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