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Deliver great employee experiences and unlock productivity with Atomicwork's unified AI solution.
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Atomicwork connects your people, process and platforms together to drive business impact
Works with
Provide instant help to employees using Microsoft Teams and Atomicwork
Atomicwork's seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, leveraging document learning to provide employees with accurate answers and insights from SharePoint documents.
Automate provisioning by integrating Active Directory with Atomicwork
Support employees conversationally by integrating Slack and Atomicwork
Atomicwork seamlessly integrates with Notion, leveraging document learning to provide employees with accurate answers and insights.
Atomicwork seamlessly integrates with Okta, automating user provisioning for streamlined and efficient user management.

Scale your IT operations without frustrating your team

Atomicwork eliminates up to 80% of the manual workflows handled by your IT support team
to reduce distraction for your employees and accelerate productivity.

Deliver instant IT support with conversational AI

Traditional IT support methodology requires employees navigate to portals for any kind of support - whether it's to raise a service request, read a knowledge base article or ask a quick question.

Our AI assistant, Atom can offer knowledge for any question or request in Slack and Microsoft Teams in a conversational, friendly manner. This way, your employees get help instantly and your IT support team can focus on harder problems.
Atomicwork's internal helpdesk uses conversational AI to streamline IT support

Enable effortless employee self-service

Equip your team with the information they need to be efficient by automating service delivery and request fulfillment.

Onboard, educate, and notify your employees with their own employee assistant that provides in-context, instant help — reducing support volume and keeping employees happy.
Atomicwork enables self-service through a service catalog and workflow automation

Automate employee journeys with workflows

Efficient IT support should not be a choice between breaking the bank and making your employees jump through hoops for everyday assistance and needs.

Atomicwork combines fully-automated workflows and semi-automated journeys to help you add a human touch while operating at scale.
Atomicwork comes with powerful workflow automation to save time and effort for your teams

Modernize IT service management

Get more done faster with an AI-powered IT service desk. Your team can resolve issues more quickly and collaborate better all the while boosting employee satisfaction.

Atomicwork also makes it straightforward for all employee support teams to administer and operate their functions without hassle, without having to depend on IT.
Atomicwork reimagines traditional ITSM with modern AI-powered capabilities

Atomicwork at a glance

We offer an end-to-end IT service management solution that covers all your bases
Atomicwork helps HR teams provide instant help to employees through a conversational Assistant
Provide instant help to your employees round the clock by consolidating your internal knowledge sources
HR teams use Atomicwork to streamline and manage requests from employees; everything from questions about benefits and health insurance to payroll errors!
Streamline incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right teams, and collaborate for fulfilment
HR teams use Atomicwork to organize their work into on-demand services so Atom can fetch them from the service catalog and help employees raise requests seamlessly
Offer a wide range of employee support services across departments, and deliver them intelligently with automation
HR teams craft and manage pivotal employee lifecycle experiences through Atomicwork - onboarding, offboarding, training, compliance and more!
Manage curated employee experiences at scale from onboarding to offboarding with stakeholder collaboration
Atomicwork helps
Improve your IT operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, approvals, and troubleshooting
Light bulb icon depicting tracking business trends and challenges to enhance EX and IT productivity.
Stay on top of key trends and challenges in your business and find ways to improve EX and IT productivity

We're backed by the best investors

Atomicwork is backed by leading investors, ranging from
impact-driven venture capitalists to veteran industry leaders.
Our decision to back Atomicwork was driven by our belief in how Vijay, Kiran, and Parsuram are re-imagining the idea of employee success. We're very excited to invest in this transformative space and support Atomicwork as they reshape the future of employee experience and success.
Sanjay Nath
Partner, Blume Ventures
The problem of employee support and experience has been crying out for innovation, and the way Atomicwork are approaching the solution, with a completely modern and user-led approach, is thrilling for us. Add to this the fact that this team understands well how to build world-class products, we are delighted to be part of this journey.
Vikram Vaidyanathan
Managing Director, Matrix Partners India
The proliferation of HR and IT solutions in the last 20 years has led to a huge number of tools for employees to interact with, resulting in delays and loss of productivity. Atomicwork provides a single self-service platform for a hybrid workforce that addresses this pain and dramatically improves the employee experience
Arun Penmetsa
Partner, Storm Ventures