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Operations team
Operations team

Align operations with your business

Atomicwork helps you maximize your profits by streamlining sales, marketing and business operations and making them accessible to your entire team

Bring velocity and structure to your operations

Atomicwork helps you fast-track your business operations without compromising on best practices

Your operations teams get structure and alignment

Atomicwork helps you design processes that can help you organize your ops and scale them up or down depending on the needs of your business.

Your employees get faster turnaround times

Make it easy for your employees to get your support for sales processes, marketing campaigns and legal reviews without making them read the manual.

Your partner teams get better support and delivery

Collaborate with partner teams effortlessly and drive cross-functional projects without tripping over each others' restrictions and policies.

Fast-track your business with right-sized operations

Atomicwork is designed to be flexible, and can scale to meet the needs of all kinds of companies

Provide instant answers and deflect FAQs with AI

Your employees need your expert opinion at critical times, for closing a deal, organizing a marketing event or signing a contract with a vendor at short notice.

Atomicwork uses AI to give them instant answers even if your team is offline and helps you share best practices without responding to every question manually.

Automate service requests like never before

Taking requests from your customer teams and working on their never-ending list of asks can be tiring, especially if they think you're getting in the way of their job.

With Atomicwork, you can streamline your service delivery and set up automations to cover everything from approvals to document generation and delighting your internal customers.

Set up proactive processes to bring predictability

When you are busy scaling and growing your business, it's important to adopt important guidelines and make sure you follow them consistently across the board.

Atomicwork lets you create specific journeys for every process followed by your sales and marketing teams and send them proactive updates and reminders to stay on top of their game.

Create practical boundaries with enough visibility

When you have a dozen internal teams overlapping with each other to support your employees, things can get frustrating for everyone when information isn't shared between each of them.

Atomicwork helps you set up workspaces for every department in your company and invite collaborators from other functions to get visibility without giving them full control.

Everything you need to set up an efficient operations hub

Take the boring out of operations by leveraging key capabilities from Atomicwork


Provide instant help to your employees around the clock by consolidating your internal knowledge sources.


Streamline incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right expert, and collaborate internally to fulfil them.


Streamline the incident management process to efficiently address issues and learn from disruptions.


Manage curated employee experiences at scale from onboarding to offboarding with stakeholder collaboration.


Improve your IT operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, approvals, and reminders.


Stay on top of key trends and challenges in your organization and find ways to improve EX and productivity.

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