Analytics for your IT service management teams

Monitor service desk performance and improve service delivery with Atomicwork’s reporting capabilities

Improve service delivery
and end-user satisfaction

Monitor Atom’s performance and improvements

Deploying an AI Assistant to answer end-user questions is only half the battle.

Analyze Atom’s answer accuracy and performance, including question themes by end-user rating, so you can make it better at answering questions and providing resolutions.
Dashboard for an AI Assistant in a modern ITSM product showing employee feedback from the sales team over a duration of 3 months

Get a bird's eye view of your team's performance

Whether you’re an IT admin or a HR manager, Atomicwork can help you stay on top of your request management process as it relates to service requests, incidents, assets and changes, through reports.

Fix bottlenecks, make staffing decisions and analyze top segments that need support through workspace-specific reports.
Dashboard for a requests report in a modern ITSM product showing new vs. completed requests

Stay on top of end-user expectations

Keep an eye on end-user satisfaction with your services through survey reports.

Not only can you put a number to employee happiness but you can analyze feedback and study trends.
Report in a modern ITSM product showing end-user survey ratings

Everything you need to report on
your enterprise service management

Out-of-the-box reports

Atomicwork comes with out-of-the-box reports, carefully curated, to help IT and HR teams quickly figure out the bottlenecks

Workspace-specific reports

Every workspace gets their own reports; no data scientists needed here to pull up or drill down on data

Export to your favorite BI tool

Drill down on your service management data in your favorite BI tool by exporting all of your reports data as CSV files

Gain insights into all ITSM aspects

Review report data across requests, service requests, incidents, changes, and assets so you can improve your processes

Schedule reports

Setup schedules so  relevant stakeholders receive reports in their mailboxes at a frequency of their choice

SLA reports

Analyze SLA hits and misses and compare request loads so you can make informed staffing decisions


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