Modern Request Management

Manage employee requests and services

Streamline incoming requests, route them to the right team and manage them from creation to closure effortlessly.

A better way  to manage requests

Help your service teams implement best practices and turn them into employee habits

Organize and manage requests across teams

Setup a service catalog to organize and make available enterprise services from all teams. Atom will intelligently route requests to the right workspace, categorize, prioritize and assign them to the right team.

This way, you can get your volumes under control and make sure every employee and request gets your attention.

Speed up service fulfilment with baked-in approvals

Remove the friction and the time delays that accompany service request management by managing approvals through Atomicwork.

Configure and map approval policies so that Atom automatically notifies the approvers through Teams and Slack.

Give end-users fast help through Atom skills

Provide instant resolution for frequently encountered IT issues through Atom skills. All your end-users have to do is just ask Atom and Atom will reset Azure AD and Okta passwords, provision licenses, add users to GitHub repositories, remotely install Intune apps and more!

IT admins can choose to setup these preconfigured skills or customize their own service request workflows through Atomicwork.
Graphic showing integrated 'Atom Skills'with the apps it integrates with: 
Slack, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, Workday, and Power BI, representing integrated software capabilities.

Leave no stone unturned with your support

Atomicwork covers all of your service request management needs from open to close
 Resolve. Relax. Repeat.

Slot fill requests

Leverage AI and reduce end-user frustration by having Atom summarize conversation threads during request creation.


Add context to service  requests by attaching relevant documents, images, or error logs to fast-track your support process.


Keep your employees and agents notified of updates, replies and approvals in the flow of their work through Slack and Teams.

Service Level Agreements

Prioritize incoming issues and decide how much time you have to act on them and resolve them.

Custom attributes

Add additional context to your requests by creating custom attributes that can be used to manage your requests.


Empower enterprise teams to manage their requests with private workspaces, custom settings and workflows.

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