Secure and modern ITSM for healthcare

Focus on high-quality patient experiences with streamlined clinical IT operations.

Accelerate healthcare digital transformation

Revamp your healthcare IT operations on a secure and ITIL-aligned ITSM platform.

Improve clinical staff self-service

Help your healthcare organization staff to find answers to common requests on their own easily—without overwhelming your IT agents.

Enhance healthcare service desk efficiency

Set up digital workflows for different types of incidents and requests seen in a clinical environment to boost service desk performance.

Streamline hospital staff operations

Elevate employee experiences by streamlining IT, HR, finance, and payroll processes at your healthcare organization.

How Atomicwork transforms healthcare service management

Conversational healthcare service desk

Centralize all your clinical documentation in one place for hospital staff to find relevant information quickly. Our conversational AI assistant, Atom, can offer instant help to your staff for repetitive queries from internal knowledge sources to speed up resolutions. You can also exercise strict user permissions and controls to keep patient data secure.

Automated clinical IT operations

Run effective, AI-powered request and incident management on Atomicwork. Configure SLAs by request types, prioritize queries, automate notifications, and set up workflows to route IT requests to the right agents for improved service quality.

Effective clinical staff management

Ease the onboarding and offboarding processes of your hospital staff, reducing dependencies on redundant paperwork. Atomicwork offers powerful OOTB access request automation for hassle-free user provisioning of your hospital staff.

Everything you need for effective retail operations

Conversational AI assistant

Support your retail staff with instant help anytime.

Request management

Organize internal requests across your retail store.

Retail infra incident management

Identify, prioritize, and resolve retail IT incidents with ease.

In-store asset management

Track and manage IT assets used in your retail store.

Automated retail workflows

Drive faster resolutions with intelligent automation.

Essential CRM integrations

Bring all your retail apps together in one place for quick actions.

All that you need for effective healthcare IT support

A single, HIIPA-compliant service desk to manage your IT infrastructure.

AI-powered assistant

Provide quick support to your healthcare staff for seamless conversational self-service.

AI service desk

Prioritize, organize, and track requests and incidents swiftly to minimize service disruption.

Automated workflows

Boost healthcare service desk efficiency with automated workflows for repetitive tasks.

Security and compliance

Keep all clinical and patient records secure on our reliable and compliant platform.

Healthcare asset management

Track and manage critical IT assets in the clinical environment.

Essential clinical integrations

Connect all collaboration and medical record apps for greater efficiency.

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