Be there for every employee need

Atomicwork enables you to streamline incoming requests, route them to the right team and manage them from creation to closure effortlessly.
Use Atomicwork to streamline and manage employee service request delivery.

A better way  to manage requests

Help your service teams implement best practices and turn them into employee habits

Organize and manage requests across teams

Once your requests are in Atomicwork, you can easily categorize them, prioritize them, and assign them to the right team manually and using automation.

This way, you can get your volumes under control and make sure every employee and request gets your attention.

Automate answers with human intervention

While Atom deflects FAQs with your internal knowledge, it can also identify requests that need your team's attention and get them to the top of your inbox so that your employees aren't left frustrated waiting for a resolution.

Be on time, every time with service levels

Atomicwork gives you a scalable way to prioritize incoming issues and decide how much time you have to act on them and resolve them.

With priority-driven SLA targets, you can make sure that you sequence your work and get back to every employee on time.

Leave no stone unturned with your support

Atomicwork covers all of your request management needs from open to close
Rich-text + emojis
Take advantage of our rich-text capabilities irrespective of the channel to highlight critical information in requests.
Add context to requests by attaching relevant documents, images, or error logs to fast-track your support process.
Keep your employees and operators notified of updates and remind them to act on their requests proactively.
Custom statuses
Manage your request lifecycle by identifying stages in your support process and aligning them with workflows.
Atomicwork workflows enable instant request field updates so IT teams can automate manual update activties as well
Custom fields
Add additional context to your requests by creating custom fields that can be used to manage your requests.
Empower every team to manage their own requests by creating private workspaces with custom settings and workflows.