Integrate Atomicwork with Azure Active Directory

Trigger workflow actions, import data, personalise employee answers based on their profile and more! Get more done through the Atomicwork - Azure Active Directory integration without doing it yourself!

Automate provisioning and deprovisioning accounts

Minimize manual work and set your new hires up for success by automating software provisioning and deprovisioning. This way, when an employee comes onboard, they don't have to wait for the IT team to make their way down their to-do list and provide access to critical tools. Offboarding workflows can also make sure that you follow security guidelines and reduce the scope for human error.

Sync employee data and contextualize answers

Sync employee data from Azure Active Directory with Atomicwork so your employees can receive personalized answers from Atom. For example, Australian employees can receive information only about Australian holidays, Australian tax laws, and Australian holidays, Indian employees only receive information relevant to them, and so on.

Trigger workflow actions

Build workflows that can automatically create new Azure Active Directory users, add them to groups, remove access and delete accounts. No more time-consuming context switches for your IT team - a lot can happen with just the click of one button.

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