HR service delivery
for modern teams

Atomicwork makes it easy for your business to streamline employee support and HR operations while empowering you to design and deliver memorable experiences from hire to retire.

Bring your teams together for impact

Atomicwork lets you strike a balance between experience and efficiency

Your HR teams get empowered to do more

We make it easy for your HR teams to focus on the big picture by eliminating the need to answer repetitive questions and do the same kind of administrative work.

Your employees get instant help and support

Provide instant help to your employees around the clock by leveraging AI trained to use domain-specific expertise and your internal knowledge sources.

Your partner teams get alignment and clarity

Align your internal partner teams like IT, Finance, and Legal to deliver seamless experiences without getting frustrating processes or hand-offs.

Streamline and scale your HR operations

Enable your employees to get help fast and do meaningful work

Answer employee questions instantly

Understanding your company policies and learning about their benefits shouldn't be an exercise in frustration for your employees or  the HR teams trying to make this information readily available.

Atomicwork makes it easy for your team to find information independently and connects them to an HR partner when they need help.
HR teams can use Atom to deflect FAQs and give employees instant answers. Atom learns from company wikis and policy docs to provide contextual answers to employee questions

Turn complex requests into scalable services

Organize your HR team's work into on-demand services that can be offered to everyone in your company and streamline operations within days.

Make it easy for your operations teams to answer questions, get approvals, and fulfill requests without needing follow-ups or reminders.
Atomicwork helps HR teams organize their work into on-demand services so they can streamline request management and make it easy for employees to get help

Create memorable experiences at scale

Get on top of crucial processes like onboarding and offboarding by creating scalable playbooks that can be personalized for every employee.

Automate everything from buddy introductions to document collection while making it easy for employees, managers, and partners to complete activities with a few clicks.
HR teams use Atomicwork to design and manage employee experience journeys like onboarding and offboarding; these scalable playbooks can be personalized for every employee

Leverage workflows to do impactful work

Say goodbye to repeatable work and have Atomicwork manage them with intelligent workflows and suggestions.

Save hundreds of hours monthly to focus on critical projects and outcomes instead of dealing with cumbersome tasks.
HR Teams use Atomicwork to build workflows that can automate repeatable actions so that they can focus on more strategic work

Everything you need to support
and engage your team

Atomicwork is the missing element in your EX stack that can bring everything together


Provide instant help to your employees around the clock by consolidating your internal knowledge sources.


Streamline incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right expert, and collaborate internally to fulfill them.


Streamline the incident management process to efficiently address issues and learn from disruptions.


Manage curated employee experiences at scale from onboarding to offboarding with stakeholder collaboration.


Improve your HR operational efficiency by automating manual work like provisioning, approvals, and reminders.


Stay on top of key trends and challenges in your organization and find ways to improve EX and productivity.

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