Modern Employee Self-service and IT Service Desk on Slack

Deliver HR support and IT service management, right from Slack so your end users can find instant support as and when they need. Automate IT support and employee self-service via support channels on Slack.

Everything your employees need, right within Slack

Your employees spend most of their time on Slack, whether they're sharing updates, finding resources or just talking to each other. Talking to your IT team and getting timely help shouldn't be any different.

Atomicwork seamlessly integrates with Slack, eliminating the need for your emplyoees to raise tickets or use legacy portals. Everything they need is just conversation away.

Automate IT with AI-powered answers and workflows

Atom, our AI assistant learns from internal knowledge sources like documents, wikis, and even Slack conversations to answer questions automatically round the clock.

It can also automate common processes like service delivery, approvals and software provisioning so that your employees don't have to wait to be unblocked by the IT team.

Manage private and public conversations seamlessly

Atomicwork is designed to work with all kinds of information - public knowledge, private documents and sensitive data. This enables you to decide who gets to see using intelligent rules and workflows.

We also prioritize compliance with global privacy and security standards while leveraging best practices across company policies to ensure you can rest easy with your information.

Frequently asked questions

What is Atomicwork?
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What kind of support do you offer?
What is Atomicwork?
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How can I try Atomicwork?
What kind of support do you offer?

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