Building Atomicwork

The New CAP Theorem for B2B GenAI Apps
Our learnings for enterprise IT, product and engineering teams looking to develop B2B GenAI applications for their business.
Spring product updates
A quick look at all the important features we built in March and April 2024 to help you level up your IT service management.
Welcoming Lenin Gali, our new Chief Digital and Business Officer
Introducing our Chief Digital and Business Officer, Lenin Gali, who'll help lead our business strategy and digital thought leadership.
How AI can transform your retail service desk
From contextual retail staff assistance to automating operational workflows, see how Atomicwork can help you bring AI to your retail service desk.
Password resets cost your IT team ~$85K/year. Enable self-service resets.
Eliminate repetitive password reset questions by enabling self-service password reset (SSPR) using Atom.
Announcing our new digital workspace experience solution, powered by Cohere
Powered by leading enterprise AI platform, Cohere, we're excited to launch our digital workplace experience solution for modern enterprises.
Product updates: What’s new in January
Here’s everything we shipped in January to make 2024 your most productive year yet.
Product updates: What’s new in February
Here’s everything we shipped in February to make 2024 more productive for employees.
How Atomicwork can transform your finance operations
How Atom to leverage conversational AI capabilities and automates processes for finance teams.
How Atom can be your perfect AI sales assistant
Atom can be a powerful generative AI sales assistant to transform the operations of a large sales team.
Atomicwork year in review: 2023
What we did in 2023, what's in store for 2024, and how we do it.
A space to call our own – Why and how we built the Atomicwork office
The thought and effort that went into designing our first physical office in Bangalore, and how it reflects our deep commitment to our mission.
The inside story of our seed funding and product launch
Announcing our seed funding round, the launch of our product, and our plan to revolutionize employee experience.
In pursuit of the ideal and affordable workspace: Our Chennai office story
We wanted to share our office-hunting escapade with you and highlight some valuable lessons we learned along the way, in the hopes of helping others who are currently in the process of finding their ideal workspace in Chennai.
Atomic Benefits - The unexpected virtue of investing in your employees
Why and how we designed, built, and offered our employees a comprehensive benefits stack, covering insurance, and healthcare, with zero compromises.
Why Atomicwork – the founding team answers
Our founding members’ perspectives – on why they decided to join a fledgling startup, and why Atomicwork in particular.
The mission of Atomicwork
The story behind why we're building Atomicwork and how we're planning to empower employees every day with our products.
Atomicwork – on the journey so far, and the way ahead
Why we decided to start Atomicwork and work together for better technology experiences.