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Welcoming Lenin Gali, our new Chief Digital and Business Officer

Introducing our Chief Digital and Business Officer, Lenin Gali, who'll help lead our business strategy and digital thought leadership.

I am thrilled to introduce Lenin Gali as the newest member of our executive team at Atomicwork. He will join us as our Chief Digital and Business Officer, bringing a wealth of experience and a visionary mindset that aligns perfectly with our goals and values.

Today, every business is on a mission to harness the power of emerging technology to accelerate growth, boost productivity, and increase profitability. We started Atomicwork with a vision of simplifying the digital workplace experience by providing Enterprise IT teams with a modern service management platform. As Chief Digital and Business Officer, Lenin will play a critical role in furthering our mission to accelerate businesses’ pursuit of digital transformation.

Welcoming Lenin to the team

Lenin will be pivotal in shaping our business strategy, leading digital thought leadership initiatives, and engaging with CxOs. He will be driving  our US GTM, product marketing, and business partnerships to support our growth ambitions. Finally, and most importantly, he will serve as the conduit to the most crucial stakeholder in the business we are building: our customers.

When I first met Lenin, I was inspired by his passion for technology, startups, and innovation. He doesn't just see what he does as a job; for him, it's a way of life. His expertise spans various domains within the B2B landscape - from IT, data, engineering and cloud computing, to AI and cybersecurity. Before joining us, Lenin held key leadership roles, such as the Chief Business and Growth Officer at Flodata and co-created GIT1K, a syndicate of CxOs focused on supporting entrepreneurs building solutions for modern IT, Gen AI, and cybersecurity. With over 15 startups in his portfolio, Lenin has proven himself as both an investor and advisor, guiding many companies to success.

Leadership and experience

During the challenges of the pandemic, Lenin demonstrated his leadership capabilities by serving in senior roles such as CIO and CISO at Quotient Technology Inc. Under his guidance, the company experienced exceptional growth, doubling its revenue to over $500 million through strategic acquisitions. Prior to that, his contributions as Ubisoft's data and cloud infrastructure leader were transformative, significantly impacting data utilization and player retention.

This is also why Lenin’s experience as a technology executive, CIO, and business leader is valuable to the Atomicwork team right now. As we build the modern service management platform for emerging enterprises and digital workplaces, we want to do two things: We want to understand the complex problems CIOs and technology leaders face even better than we already do and make our platform powerful for Enterprise IT needs. Having someone on board with Global IT experience will help us do exactly that. Second, as our product is being adopted by more and more Enterprise IT teams, we need the leadership to help us scale faster and better in the US, which is our primary market. It was an easy decision, both for him and us, to close ranks and move forward.

Join me in extending a warm welcome to Lenin Gali as we embark on this journey together. Together, we will harness innovation, help Enterprise IT teams, and achieve new heights of success. Welcome aboard, Lenin!

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