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Employee self-service
Employee self-service

Employee self-service, done the modern way

Offer instant help round-the-clock for your employees within Slack or Microsoft Teams by leveraging your enterprise knowledge, self-service catalog and workflows

A personal concierge for every employee

Providing great employee self-service experiences and setting up efficient processes shouldn't be at odds. With Atom, the AI Assistant, you can have it all.

A one-stop shop for all employee needs

Employees can ask Atom any question; if Atom does not know the answer, it can help them raise a request and route it to the right team!

Streamlined service requests

Atom can fetch service forms for employees based on their needs so they can raise requests and get updates without ever leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams.

No more waiting patiently on support for a response

Train Atom on your company wiki, policy docs, service catalog, and conversation history so it deflects FAQs, leaving service teams free to focus on the complex problems.

Empower employees to help themselves

No more waiting around for answers!

Proactive assistance through journeys

Design and craft experiences to bring order and clarity to key employee moments and projects like onboarding, offboarding, promotions, learning, or compliance journeys.

Schedules emails, messages, reminders, follow-ups, and tasks to ensure employees have everything they need; this way they can spend less time searching for information and more time focusing on the challenging problems.

Simplify request management workflow

Organize IT, HR, Finance, and Facilities teams' work into on-demand services that can be offered to everyone in your company so that every request can be streamlined.

By setting up a service catalog, teams can also ensure that all the information they need to solve requests speedily can be captured upfront by Atom.

Powered by your tech stack and content

Bring together all your service catalogs, forms, knowledge base articles, Notion pages, FAQ documents, policy docs, company wiki pages, and PPTs across teams so that Atom can be your employees' source of truth.

Whether it's an HR inquiry, an IT troubleshooting request, or a FinOps concern, Atom can help your employees get help fast.

Provide self-service support where employees already are

No more bookmarking service desk portals or digging for the correct email alias or Slack channel to ask a question; employees can ask Atom for help right inside Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Atom can centralize information from all your knowledge sources to solve issues across multiple departments - IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, etc.

Everything you need to focus on employee success

All your employee support needs. Just a conversation away.


Ensure All-Hours employee help by federating your internal knowledge repos so Atom can provide instant answers.


Efficiently manage employee requests from employees by streamlining routing and internal collaboration.


Streamline the incident management process to efficiently address issues and learn from disruptions.


Craft and implement tailored employee experiences at scale, collaborating with stakeholders across teams.


Improve your teams' operational efficiency by automating manual work like prioritization, approvals, and reminders.


Stay on top of organization trends and challenges, while advancing employee experience and productivity.

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