Modern Asset Management

Give IT assets business
and service context

Atomicwork gives IT admins the ability to get an overview of an asset’s entire lifecycle, from purchase to decommisions, so they can optimize spend
Flowchart illustrating IT asset management, showing two devices linked to an employee profile

Track and manage assets,through their lifecycle

Bring your own asset data

Setup attributes, record asset data and visualize asset relationships with users, locations, vendors and other objects. Sync from Intune, Kandji, JamF or add assets.

Automate asset lifecycle workflows

From purchase orders to retirements, automate everything and free up your IT team for more important projects.
Screenshot of the IT asset tracking interface displaying a list of devices assigned to employees.

Report on assets

Connect assets with incidents, get reports on problem hotspots and make better purchase decisions.
Interface of an ITSM application displaying a ticket along with a search field and listed assets and corresponding serial numbers.

Everything you need to automate asset fulfilment and IT tracking

Types and attributes

Add, identify and classify assets with types and attributes such as serial numbers, asset tags, and more.

Discovery and scanning

Sync assets from Intune so you can maintain a single source of truth for all of your asset data in Atomicwork

Lifecycle workflows

Setup workflows so you can stay on top of changes you need to make to minimize risks and manage costs.

Dependency relationships

Map dependencies between assets so you can easily map an asset’s journey

Remote troubleshooting actions

Agents can perform troubleshooting actions like restart, wipe, reset passcode, lock and unlock assets, right from the request


Analyze asset data so you can make informed decisions about asset planning to decommisioning.


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