Atom Skills

Free up your IT team with Atom skills

With AI skills, Atom can autonomously reset passwords, solve common access requests, troubleshoot issues, remotely install software.
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Meet your IT Team’s most valuable player

Atom can deliver exceptional service to your employees, with no compromises.
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Reset passwords

Atom can verify identity and reset passwords without needing a human in the loop.

Add users to Azure AD Groups

Provision access for SaaS tools automatically, straight from Teams/Slack, on request.

Add Users to Mailing Lists

Effortlessly allow end users to join mailing lists after approval.

Troubleshoot VPN issues

Guide employees to resolve VPN issues head-on, with Atom's help.

Remotely install apps on Intune

Provide access to apps automatically, on request, through Microsoft Intune.

Give access to GitHub repos

Move the needle on developer productivity by providing automated access to GitHub repos

Give access to Power BI Reports

Empower data-driven decisions and effortlessly grant access to Power BI reports and workspaces.

Request timeoff on Workday

End-users can request time off, and manage schedules with Atom's integration to Workday.

Give access to Salesforce

Add users to Salesforce with the right permissions and roles, as soon as they request for access.

Unlock accounts

If users are locked out of their Azure AD or Okta accounts, Atom can unlock accounts in a jiffy.

Access to a shared mailbox

Provide access to shared mailboxes with proper trails; reduce the load on your IT team and speed up the process for your employees.

Create Netsuite purchase orders

Simplify the process of placing and tracking purchase orders, with Atom’s help.


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