Keep your assets and services in tune

The Atomicwork-Intune integration helps IT admins streamline asset management and keep track of all asset activities in one place.

Seamlessly import assets from Intune

No more manual data entry! Import assets seamlessly from Microsoft Intune into Atomicwork so you can keep track of assets against employees.

Any changes made in Atomicwork are synchronized with Intune so there’s real-time data alignment.

One service record to rule them all

Analyze and report on an asset’s entire lifecycle, from acquisition to end-of-life, through the Atomicwork-Intune integration.

Link assets to incidents and keep track of performance so your team can optimize spend and make informed decisions.

Perform remote actions

No more tab switching to perform quick actions on devices when end-users create requests. Agents can lock devices, reset passcodes and even wipe them from within Atomicwork!

End-users can also request for and get apps installed remotely, through Atom skills, without needing an administrator’s help.

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