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The ITSM Software Buyer's Checklist for 2024

Here’s a checklist to simplify evaluating and purchasing the right ITSM software for your business in 2024.

“You can’t get fired for buying ServiceNow”

— Ancient IT proverb

What started as general IT wisdom has now become a convenient excuse to skip market research while buying ITSM software.

The ITSM space hasn’t had a lot of transformations in recent times. And none of those come close to the AI wave and its potential impact which, considering the pace at which AI is evolving, is not up for debate anymore. 

There are tons of ways you can already leverage AI to make ITSM better, more efficient, and cost effective. That’s only going to get better and AI is only going to get more entrenched in the way we run enterprise IT.

That said, every other ITSM vendor is bolting on a layer of GenAI and calling it AI-powered. 

With this checklist, we’ve broken down the approach for the research and buying process. 

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Hope this gives you a clear understanding of your needs and the features to look for in an ITSM tool, setting you on the path to a successful implementation.

NOTE: The checklist is a part of a detailed buyer’s guide that gives you a structured approach to buying ITSM software in 2024. It includes a handy checklist for the team responsible for the research and tool selection. Download it here.

If you’re in the process of evaluating ITSM tools, join us for a webinar where we uncover these and address frequently asked questions.

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