Change Management

Take control of IT change management

Simplify and automate the many moving parts of change management so you can minimize risks and disruptions

Modernize change processes and
drive process efficiency

Setup change templates for all types

Different changes need different processes. Setup process playbooks for each type of change so Atomicwork can take care of record keeping, approvals and followups.
Screenshot of an IT Change Management template in Atomicwork, an IT service management platform

Configure change approval policies

Cut down the approval red tape by associating CABs against standard, normal and emergency changes; Atom will take care of sending and managing authority approvals through Teams.
Modal window titled 'Send for change advisory board approval' from a change management system interface in Atomicwork

Single system of record for a change

Get an overview of all activities executed in support of a change - tasks, forms, approval workflows, and conversations - in one place.
Interface window showing an example change request with a plan in Atomicwork

Simplify, automate and accelerate
IT change management

Oversee all changes from one place

Manage all types of changes - software updates, emergency changes, workflow optimization etc. - from Atomicwork

Centralize change communication

Keep all communication regarding changes - approvals, notes, reports - in one place

Keep track of change plans and start dates

Everything you need to know about all the planned and implemented changes in your organization

Standardize risk assessment

Use forms to collect all the information CABs need to make informed decisions at the planning stage

Change workflows

Automate repeatable tasks as workflows so agents can streamline the process and make sure all the boxes are ticked off

Report on changes

Analyze change control processes so your team can iterate on processes and move faster


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