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Automated Employee Onboarding Solution
Automated Employee Onboarding Solution

End-to-end employee onboarding automation on one platform

Allow your HR, IT, payroll, and finance teams to work in harmony for exceptional employee onboarding experiences.

What’s broken with today’s onboarding experience

Seamless employee onboarding needs tight collaboration between multiple teams and stakeholders. So what’s stopping your teams from working together?

Multiple tools

From recruiting to assigning devices for new employees, your team is tasked with accessing multiple tools including your ATS, HRIS, compliance, and access management systems to onboard an employee.

Too many manual actions

Whether it’s adding your new hires to respective Slack channels and checking in during their initial few weeks or collecting critical employee information for payroll processes, HR and IT teams are clogged by several manual tasks that consume time and effort.

Lacks personalization

Personalizing welcome emails and check-in notifications helps employees have delightful onboarding experiences, fostering a positive brand appeal. However, personalized experiences go for a toss as organizations scale and ramp up hiring.

How Atomicwork helps automate employee onboarding

Atomicwork helps you move away from ticketing to people-centric experiences that boosts employee engagement.

Bring all stakeholders on a single platform

Manage all onboarding activities from one platform instead of hopping from one portal to another. This helps you track progress across different stages—from recruitment to welcoming new employees and providing access—on Atomicwork without raising multiple tickets for every employee onboarding.

You can also organize your employee records on Atomicwork to have end-to-end visibility of the employee’s experience—from onboarding to offboarding.

Automate the onboarding journey with customizable templates

With Atomicwork, you can simplify the onboarding journey by splitting it into smaller stages and automating tasks within every stage. You can customize pre-built templates for stages like preboarding, Day 1, Week 1, First 30 days, etc., and assign the tasks within them to corresponding stakeholders.

For instance, you can automate Day 1 tasks like adding new hires to relevant Slack channels and email groups with a simple workflow. Workflows ensure that you keep your employees, their managers, and IT teams in the loop as the onboarding journey progresses.

Simplify IT and access management tasks

Sync with device management systems (like Intune or Kandji) or access management tools like Azure AD to allocate assets and provide workplace or device access right from Atomicwork. IT teams can also ensure compliance of assets with Atomicwork and maintain detailed IT service catalogs for new employees to request the apps they need for their respective jobs easily.

Bring new hires up to speed with company information

New employees seek and require as much context on what’s happening within your organization when they step in. It’s important to provide them with company information on policies and procedures—without flooding your HR or IT service.

Atomicwork offers a conversational AI assistant, Atom, that every employee at your organization can use from their first day to find information from different enterprise knowledge sources like Notion, Sharepoint, or Confluence.

All that you need for memorable onboarding experiences

Powerful onboarding capabilities for exceptional employee onboarding experiences.

AI assistant

Help employees find relevant information easily via a conversational assistant

Pre-built templates

Automate tasks for day 1 or 30/60/90 days with customizable templates

Automated notifications

Schedule and trigger routine IT and HR check-ins with new hires in the initial days

Asset allocation

Allocate specific devices based on your new hires’ department and role

Access provisioning

Provide the right type of employee access to physical spaces, devices, and apps

Enterprise integrations

Connect with your MDM, HRIS, and LMS software for seamless experiences

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