Employee Helpdesk and IT Support on Microsoft Teams

With Atom, you can deliver a great  IT and HR support when your employees need it the most. Also automate routine workflows and service requests management, right within Microsoft Teams.

Resolve 50% of employee asks. Instantly.

Reduce support volume and increase employee happiness by making sure they get the answers they're looking for, instantly. Right where they spend most of their work hours - Microsoft Teams.

Atom can learn your company's wiki, policy docs, SharePoint files and  sites to be the last word on every subject. Atom can even learn from historical standard channel conversations in MS Teams and provide answers to employees. This way, your employees have help when and where it matters the most.

Better experiences for both your employees and IT

Resolve employee issues quickly with requests optimized for collaboration and instant resolution.

Employees can request information or services from Teams through Atom, instead of having to navigate to a service desk portal and fill out a form. Atom also captures the entire conversation so IT and other service teams have all the information they need to quickly resolve the request.

All replies and updates to the ticket will be sent as notifications through Teams without requiring the employee to log into a new system and familarize themselves with it.

Data security is at the heart of our mission

Atomicwork is designed to work with all kinds of information - public knowledge, private documents and sensitive data. This enables you to decide who gets to see using intelligent rules and workflows.

We also prioritize compliance with global privacy and security standards while leveraging best practices across company policies to ensure you can rest easy with your information.

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