Integrate Okta with Atomicwork

Automate your work; manage password resets, user provisioning and group access by integrating Okta with Atomicwork

Manage onboarding and offboarding

Connect Okta to your Atomicwork account so your IT team can manage their onboarding and offboarding service requests seamlessly.

IT admins can just setup a workflow to automatically provision or deprovision users when a service request is raised for a new hire (or an old hand).

Provision software and manage access

Manage access to software through the Atomicwork-Okta integration. End users can just ask Atom for access; if approval is needed, Atom will request for approval and then grant access to the employee.

One small step for an employee, a giant leap for productivity.

Reset passwords automatically

Unburden your IT team and help your end users be more productive by automating password resets.

Integrate Atomicwork with Okta so that, on request, Atom can verify the end user's identity and reset their password without a human in the loop.

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