Employee Experience

We thought IT leaders wouldn't be interested in employee experience. Turns out we were wrong.
Are IT leaders only worried about IT infra and not about employee experience? Not exactly, EX is one of their key focus areas right now.
9 key steps to automate new employee onboarding process
A few ways in which you can use automated workflows to automate a new employee's onboarding process.
Ease HR tasks with the Atomicwork and SimplePay integration
How Atom along with SimplePay can simplify HR tasks and empower employees.
Cultivating better managers: AI for improved performance management | Atomicwork Blog
Discover the role of AI in performance management to elevate people manager and team success.
AI for a radically respectful workplace
The role of AI in the workplace can expand to address biases and prejudices in the system.
AI at the service of the employee
AI can contribute significantly in employee success. Find out how from Jim Stroud.
How AI can boost employee engagement
An organization’s competitive advantage is the collaborative capital of the collective. AI can significantly boost employee engagement.
AI for moments that matter
How to leverage AI technologies to create employee experiences that make people feel great at their job.
AI for unbiased and effective hiring
Setting up an employee for success begins right at the recruiting process. Here's how AI can be used in recruiting for HR teams to do better.
Employee success essentials: The 10 best blogs to bookmark and binge-read
Our pick of the best employee success and employee experience blogs in the game.
How this TA Head cut the interview prep process from weeks to hours with GenAI
Generative AI might still be firmly in the emerging technology camp, but it’s leveling the playing field for strapped HR and People teams.
Building and managing high-performing teams: The Atomicwork playbook
At Atomicwork, our formula for a high-performance team is people, culture, and technology, brought together and harmonized through effective leadership.
Employee onboarding fails - How to avoid costly mistakes with your new hires
We are sure that you’ve heard horror employee onboarding stories from friends and colleagues. So, we decided enough is enough and got down to creating an employee onboarding checklist for companies to help them do better onboarding.
How Vidyard integrates culture, scales transparency, and harnesses technology
Discover how Vidyard is building and scaling culture leveraging technology and AI's impact on people functions.
Listen up! The top 10 employee experience podcasts
A list of the top 10 employee experience podcasts that cover lessons, ideas, and experiments.
The secret to Exyn Technologies’ culture of innovation: feedback surveys
Tiffany Fields, Head of People and Culture at Exyn Technologies, on her work in employee engagement, onboarding, and her favorite Apple Music tracks from her 3500-song playlist.
How a digital learning expert built an employee onboarding journey on Notion
How Simona Dimitrova, a digital learning expert, used her managerial experience to build employee onboarding Notion templates.
Chili Piper’s modus operandi is employee onboarding automation with balance
Hallie Condon from Chili Piper on how employee onboarding automation can be implemented.
Creating a spirit of belonging at Zapier: Employee onboarding best practices to steal
Grab employee onboarding best practices from Zapier and the team that brings it to life.
5 remote onboarding best practices from OysterHR
Pick up best practices for remote onboarding from OysterHR's based on Maslow's hierarchy of work needs.
How Moccu built a successful remote employee onboarding program
Moccu's remote employee onboarding program is aimed at making an employee's first weeks as easy and warm as possible.
How Appsmith onboarded their distributed teams
Figuring out an onboarding process for distributed teams can be quite tricky. Get suggestions from the AppSmith team.
How Chargebee runs a fully-fledged employee onboarding program
From a well-planned preboarding process to a dedicated onboarding team, Chargebee's employee onboarding process is structured, thorough, and thoughtful.
The best of employee experience articles 2022
A handpicked curation of the most insightful employee experience articles in 2022.