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Listen up! The top 10 employee experience podcasts

A list of the top 10 employee experience podcasts that cover lessons, ideas, and experiments.

We love podcasts at Atomicwork. From learning the latest updates on GenAI, to understanding Yuval Noah Harari's take on the meaning of life, podcasts are probably the most efficient portals to take a trip to another world and back in a 30-minute train commute to work.

We're equally, if not more, passionate about employee experience (EX). Which also means that we consume heaps of content around this subject day in and day out, podcasts being an important medium in that regard.

All this is to say that we have an above-average taste in employee experience podcasts, and content in general. We have pooled our favorite EX podcasts and episodes, and put together this handy list for you, in no particular order. So this way, you too can join us on this auditory journey to EX-cellence.

Dive in, enjoy, and let us know your pick(s).

1. HR Happy Hour Network

The HR Happy Hour Media Network is, for lack of a better word, an umbrella entity. It houses a wide range of podcasts/shows that touch upon various aspects of human resources, leadership, workforce technology, and management, among other topics. Dive in to see (or rather hear) what stokes your interest.

2. Digital HR Leaders

In this podcast, David Green, the well-known people analytics leader and co-author of Excellence in People Analytics, talks to senior HR folks looking to experiment and innovate a data-driven and digital HR world. If you want to prepare for the future of work, this podcast is a good starting point.

3. HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review's IdeaCast brings together top corporate leaders, academics, and experts to talk about HR, employee experience, and people management, among other things. It is undoubtedly a 'do not miss'.

  • Hosted by:
    Alison Beard, Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review
    Curt Nickisch, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review
  • Our favorite episode yet:
    Special series (four episodes) - How Generative AI Changes Everything

4. The Employee Experience Podcast

Zoom-owned employee experience platform Workvivo's 'The Employee Experience' podcast features human resources experts on various employee engagement topics ranging from decreasing loneliness at work and building a world-class company, to humane leadership, and everything in between.

5. Disruptive HR Podcasts

If you are looking to change outdated people practices, this is where you need to be. The hosts of Disruptive HR podcast talk to leading practitioners and change-makers to provide practical ways to bring about change. This podcast also features conversations between the hosts themselves, as they look to unravel new trends in HR.

6. The Josh Bersin Company

In 2001, Josh Bersin founded Bersin & Associates, which became the leading research and advisory company for corporate learning, talent management, and HR. It later got acquired by Deloitte in 2012 to become Bersin by Deloitte. So, when Josh Bersin does podcasts, you know it is worth your time. Tune in to get your dose of insights on corporate talent, learning, and HR technology.

7. Humanising the Future of Work

Deloitte's experts speak about how organizations can innovate for the workplace of the future. The podcast's intro says it best - although technology is often a key driver of disruption, this podcast discusses the why and the how, behind organizations ensuring the human experience is at the heart of any transformation.

  • Hosted by:
    Daniel Hind, Senior Manager, Deloitte
    Dougal Burrowes, Senior Consultant, Deloitte
  • Our favorite episode yet:
    Growth in turbulent times

8. The DEX Show: A Show for IT Change Makers

While there are really good podcasts that dwell on the HR aspect of employee experience, this one looks to deep-dive into the IT bit of it. The Digital Employee Experience Show is a podcast for IT professionals who are a crucial cog in the wheel when it comes to employee experience. This podcast discusses important topics like digital employee experience, IT infrastructure, end-user experience management (EUEM), IT analytics, virtualization, and the future of work, among others.

9. Cruising Altitude

Cruising Altitude podcast has an interesting angle - it features conversations with leaders who are designing the best digital employee experiences in companies with over 30,000 employees. It covers diverse topics like high-performance culture, diversity, employee productivity, relationships in hybrid workplaces, employee value proposition, etc. If you want a view from the top of the pyramid, this is it.

10. Atomic Conversations

Atomic Conversations brings in top HR, IT, and business leaders every fortnight to talk about the new world of work we're now part of and how companies can build the ideal employee experiences of the future. Not to toot our own horn, but this is the go-to podcast to hear from the best minds in the EX industry.

Give these podcasts a listen. Share your views on them with us. Let us know if we need to add any other podcasts to this list.

We're pretty good listeners, as you can tell.

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