Sadhana Balaji
Head of brand and content @ Atomicwork
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IT thought leaders Phyllis Drucker and Michael Dortch, on the evolving landscape of AI in IT, particularly in the realm of service management.
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The thought and effort that went into designing our first physical office in Bangalore, and how it reflects our deep commitment to our mission.
AI for a radically respectful workplace
The role of AI in the workplace can expand to address biases and prejudices in the system.
AI at the service of the employee
AI can contribute significantly in employee success. Find out how from Jim Stroud.
How AI can boost employee engagement
An organization’s competitive advantage is the collaborative capital of the collective. AI can significantly boost employee engagement.
AI for moments that matter
How to leverage AI technologies to create employee experiences that make people feel great at their job.
AI for unbiased and effective hiring
Setting up an employee for success begins right at the recruiting process. Here's how AI can be used in recruiting for HR teams to do better.
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IT, IT, where are you?
Organizations, across the globe, irrespective of size, must build a forward-thinking plan that encompasses all things IT to succeed in what is now a hybrid and remote-first professional world.
Employee onboarding fails - How to avoid costly mistakes with your new hires
We are sure that you’ve heard horror employee onboarding stories from friends and colleagues. So, we decided enough is enough and got down to creating an employee onboarding checklist for companies to help them do better onboarding.
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Discover how Vidyard is building and scaling culture leveraging technology and AI's impact on people functions.
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A conversation with Alan Berkson on the evolving role of IT leaders in modern workplaces.
Atomic Benefits - The unexpected virtue of investing in your employees
Why and how we designed, built, and offered our employees a comprehensive benefits stack, covering insurance, and healthcare, with zero compromises.
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From a well-planned preboarding process to a dedicated onboarding team, Chargebee's employee onboarding process is structured, thorough, and thoughtful.
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Our founding members’ perspectives – on why they decided to join a fledgling startup, and why Atomicwork in particular.
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A conversation with Dave Ulrich on the major aspects of HR today, including handling uncertainty and the need to create value for all stakeholders.
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