Manufacturing IT support

Modern IT Service management for manufacturing

Digitally transform your IT manufacturing operations to Industry 4.0 standards.

Reimagine manufacturing operations

Minimize disruptions and ensure seamless functioning of your production floor with Atomicwork.

Streamline plant operations

Integrate digital technologies like generative AI within your production processes to streamline manufacturing IT infrastructure.

Improve workplace productivity

Enable powerful self-service capabilities and give your staff a truly digital workplace with Atomicwork to maximize staff productivity.

Modern enterprise services

Follow ITSM best practices and stay compliant with industry regulations on Atomicwork, while safeguarding your data and operational assets.

Optimize the digital workplace experience at your manufacturing plant

Enable conversational support for technicians, staff and vendors

Empower your workers, vendors, and employees to find instant help within collaboration tools they use everyday, including Slack and Microsoft teams. Atom—our AI-powered worker assistant—surfaces answers quickly from your internal knowledge sources, while ensuring that the data access is secure.

Automate workflows and improve service delivery

Minimize equipment downtime and ensure faster issue resolutions by automating repetitive tasks. Set up ticket assignment, SLAs, approval, and notification workflows so that your technicians can focus on critical tasks that boosts workforce efficiency.

Unify workplace experiences on one integrated platform

Bring all your enterprise services together on a single AI-first platform. Execute staff onboarding, offboarding, payroll, and IT support effortlessly from our easy-to-use platform for seamless employee experiences.

Everything you need for effective retail operations

Conversational AI assistant

Support your retail staff with instant help anytime.

Request management

Organize internal requests across your retail store.

Retail infra incident management

Identify, prioritize, and resolve retail IT incidents with ease.

In-store asset management

Track and manage IT assets used in your retail store.

Automated retail workflows

Drive faster resolutions with intelligent automation.

Essential CRM integrations

Bring all your retail apps together in one place for quick actions.

Everything you need for effective manufacturing service management

Atomicwork covers all of your ITSM needs in one integrated, AI-powered platform.

Conversational AI assistant

Support your technicians and staff with instant help anytime.

Request management

Organize purchase orders, warranty claims or spare parts request via digital records.

Production incident management

Prioritize, log, and resolve incidents to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Equipment management

Track and manage equipment usage across the production floor.

Automated operation workflows

Drive faster resolutions and improve worker efficiency with AI-powered automation.

Essential ERP integrations

Connect your ERP, collaboration, and time tracking apps in one place.

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