Conversational AI Assistant

Empower employees to get help and answers, when they need it, in the flow of their work

All of the knowledge, none of the hassle

Atom, Atomicwork's AI assistant, can answer any kind of employee question at any time right inside Microsoft Teams or Slack, by federating your knowledge sources and historical conversations.
Consolidated knowledge
Atom learns your internal docs, wikis, org directory, and historical conversations to be the subject matter expert in every topic.
Unified service catalog
Atom can fetch services from service catalogs across departments and guide employees to the right solution
Human help, when needed
Atom can help employees raise requests right from where they are, Slack/Teams. Good riddance to bookmarked portals/emails.
Updates and announcements
Use Atom to send updates, reminders and followups and nudge employees to complete tasks via Slack and Microsoft Teams
Secure and private
Atom understands roles and permissions and will not give any employee any information to which they do not have access.
Support at scale
Atom can answer FAQs and give updates without needing anyone from your team to step in, no matter how fast you grow.

Modern service desk

Provide one click support, service request fulfilment and updates through modern collaboration tools
Use Atomicwork to streamline and manage employee service request delivery.

Quick resolutions for every request or issue

Move over service desk portals; conversational AI support is here! Employees can raise requests and get updates in Microsoft Teams/Slack via Atom without ever navigating to a portal or jotting down a request ID.
Service request management
Employees can create requests straight from Microsoft Teams or Slack or email, without having to switch channels.
Incident management
Automatically identify incidents and kickstart the incident management workflow so that you can minimize disruptions and impact.
Problem management
Preventing recurring issues and improve system performance and reliability by managing problems.
Asset management
Integrate and manage employee resources, end-to-end from Intune;track managed and unmanaged assets lifecycle and ownership.
Manage changes smoothly
Implement controlled IT changes to minimize disruptions and impactfully effect change across the org.
Smarter decisions with insights
Uncover bottlenecks and weak spots so you can optimize your processes and streamline operations.

Enterprise service management

Craft meaningful employee experiences from hire to retire. Learn more.

Connect systems and departments on a single platform

Drive multi-department service delivery and streamline your enterprise operations by aligning all internal processes with your strategic business objectives.
Multiple workspace support
Go beyond IT and enable HR, Finance, and Facilities to provide services and support from a single platform.
Onboarding and offboarding
Facilitate welcoming starts and respectful exits easily with automated processes, task lists and documentation.
Improved productivity
Synchronise employee profiles and other data from HRIS & enterprise IT systems to run automated workflows.
Employee segments
Personalize answers, services, workflows, to segments of employees based on profile information like location or department.
Employee journeys
Craft exceptional experiences in an employee's lifecycle with automated actions and scheduled messages.
Service request fulfillment
Drive and fulfil employee service requests with AI workflows using smart routing to specific teams in HR, Finance etc.

IT workflow automation

Accelerate speed to resolution for all your service teams by setting up powerful request workflows. Learn more.

Customizable workflows for every situation

Every team can setup their own workflows - triggers, conditions and actions - to act on their own employee requests. This way, every team has the freedom to configure their own processes and speedily resolve requests.
End-to-end automations
Automate frequently encountered issues like password resets, user provisioning, VPN troubleshooting, and so on.
Streamline approvals
Set up approval workflows for every type of request your team encounters frequently - software access, hardware and the like.
Plug and play builder
Integrate your EX stack with Atomicwork so you can setup workflows for every repetitive, time-intensive task your team encounters.
Prioritization workflows
Design routing and prioritization workflows so that requests get automatically routed and assigned to the right agents.
Fully customizable
Extend your workflows to 10+ third-party apps to perform actions across your company's tech stack natively or through webhooks.
Instant field updates
Real-time request field updates let your team focus on customer satisfaction without having to spend all their time on admin work.

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