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Ease HR tasks with the Atomicwork and SimplePay integration

How Atom along with SimplePay can simplify HR tasks and empower employees.

New year, new customer stories and use cases.

In a recent conversation with an Employee Experience leader, she shared her goal for 2024: reducing manual work and enhancing team productivity. When I asked her about the top issues employees approach the IT team for, that were adding to their costs and time, she mentioned simple things like leave requests, checking leave balances, getting pay slips, updating addresses, and a few other tasks. 

Despite their apparent simplicity, these tasks become a hassle because they outsource HR tasks to an external vendor who works with another HRMS/HRIS solution - SimplePay. And every time a task arises, the vendor bills the company based on hours spent to execute it.

Now, that is not acceptable in today's day and age. I wanted to see how Atomicwork can solve this by working with SimplePay. 

Atom to the rescue 

I researched a bit about SimplePay and I must say, their name says it all. A very simple yet powerful HRMS platform boasting amazing APIs and great security. I'd recommend any HR leader seeking efficiency to give it a spin. 

In the following video, I demonstrate how Atom seamlessly integrates with SimplePay to streamline employee processes. 

I take you through the dashboard with employee information, leave entitlements, and the option to apply for leave. I then show how Atom can be used to apply for sick leave using natural language, eliminating the need for employees to manually log requests. Plus, I highlight Atom's capability to update employee addresses without HR intervention. 

Watch the video to see how Atom along with SimplePay can simplify HR processes and empower employees.

That's the power of Atomicwork and what Atom can offer your employees—a remarkable employee experience in just a few clicks. 

If you're interested in taking Atomicwork for a spin, reach out to me. I'll be more than happy to show you how you can drive business impact through employee-led growth.

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