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Elevating business efficiency with Atomicwork seamlessy intergrating with your tech stack

How Atom seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Big Commerce, and Jumpcloud, taking business efficiency to the next level.

I’m back with another awesome user story where Atom shows off its superpowers by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce, Big Commerce, and Jumpcloud. Let's take a peek behind the scenes and see how we're taking business operations to the next level.

Our latest adventure kicked off with a client who's using Salesforce as their CRM, relying on Big Commerce for their online store, and tapping into Jumpcloud's SCIM/MDM app for smooth sailing in management.

First up, Salesforce.

Piece of cake for Atom! With its knack for these platforms, handling tasks like License Requests for Salesforce was a breeze.

Picture this: any Sales or Account Executive can shoot over a request for a Salesforce license. Once it gets the thumbs-up, Atom springs into action, granting access in a jiffy. We could do this dance during employee onboarding, but our client wanted to get the user training and incubation done before the user gets the license - as we all know how expensive those are.

Check out how smoothly Atom manages this process:

Now, onto Big Commerce.

All their Marketing and Store Support admins needed access to their Big Commerce store – their primary online storefront.

Integrating with Big Commerce? No big deal. Atom just needed to familiarize itself with their system, and voila!

Catch a glimpse of the integration magic in action:

Next stop: Jumpcloud.

Thanks to Jumpcloud's nifty API, user provisioning was easy. Admins just need to set up new employee information and the rest is all taken care of.

But here's where it gets tricky – managing Jumpcloud's support for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS, for MDM and software installations. It is tricky because Admins had to keep all their software needs, Service Pack deployments, and App access ready in Jumpcloud for Atom to push and install them on user devices.

Peep the list of software apps they had to wrangle:

As you can see from the list – applications/software must be added in advance and created as a list, for which Atom must learn about them in advance.

This part is tricky as Admins must keep on adding New software/apps and keep the patch/service pack information up to date, along with Atom’s knowledge about these new software/apps.

Even then Atom handles things gracefully.

Whenever a user asks for a particular software or IT asks to install a service pack, Atom understands the user's asset information and pushes the app/service pack easily. See Atom's smooth-as-butter software deployment process:

In a nutshell, Atom's seamless integration with Salesforce, Big Commerce, and Jumpcloud is a testament to our dedication to making business operations effortless. By handling user access, provisioning, and software deployment with ease, Atom's our not-so-secret weapon in navigating the trickiest operational landscapes.

Stay tuned for more exciting tales and insights from our journey of streamlining business operations and taking efficiency to new heights.

If you’re interested in taking Atomicwork for a spin, reach out to me. I’ll be more than happy to show you how you can drive business impact through employee-led growth.

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