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How Atom can be your perfect AI sales assistant

Atom can be a powerful generative AI sales assistant to transform the operations of a large sales team.

AI's impact on the workplace is undeniable when it comes to simplifying tasks and enhancing productivity. Whether it's crafting well-articulated emails or summarising video-calls, conversational AI is proving to be an excellent employee assistant.

Atom was built to be an AI-powered IT service desk. But it can be used in many ways - and in ‘Outside the Box’ with Atom, we envision ways in which Atom can optimize employee operations across all kinds of teams.

Using a fictitious enterprise - Electron Inc. - we see how Atom transforms the operational dynamics of a large sales team at Electron Inc., a dynamic SaaS company. With a sales team operating across geographies and frequently changing pricing and discount policies, Electron sought a solution to streamline information access and enhance operational speed. Atom became the catalyst for providing clarity and agility to the sales executives.

Sales Ops - Case 1: Elevating Customer Calls with Atom's Answers

Electron identified a recurring challenge during customer calls – a significant number of open questions that sales agents promised to address later via email. Typically, these inquiries revolve around frequently asked product questions or the latest pricing and offers. Electron aimed to minimize these open questions, realizing that providing comprehensive answers during calls instills confidence in prospects and reduces the accumulation of low-priority tasks.

Sales executives traditionally relied on keeping knowledge articles and Slack open for reference during calls. However, managing multiple tabs and applications is a cluttered way to work. Atom's Answers feature emerged as the solution. By integrating product documentation, FAQs, and pricing/discounting information into Atom's knowledge base, Electron turned Atom into an employee assistant. Now, sales executives have Atom on Slack, ready to provide quick and accurate answers while they focus on engaging with prospects during calls. Whenever there’s a question that the Exec can’t answer, asking Atom retrieved a result in less than a minute!

Sales Ops - Case 2 : Improving Pricing Approval Speeds with Atom's Workflows

Electron Inc.’s sales team had one major issue - during the end of each quarter, when most prospects were ready to sign contracts, GTM leadership was swamped and often couldn’t approve pricing requests at a pace desired by their Sales execs.

The approvals for these discounts happened through Hubspot – this was not as accessible for employees as Slack. It is the fastest way to communicate when teams work async. Atom identified another way we could leverage our platform, Slack and Hubspot to improve approval flows. Watch the video below to see Atom in action!

With this workflow, speed of approvals improve substantially. It also streamlines approval communications on Slack and makes end of quarter closes less stressful!

Did these solutions seem like something for your team? Reach out, let’s talk about how your team can leverage Atom for creative, quick and easy problem solving!

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