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How Atomicwork can transform your finance operations

How Atom to leverage conversational AI capabilities and automates processes for finance teams.

Atom was built to be an AI-powered IT service desk. But it can be used in many ways - and in ‘Outside the Box’ with Atom, we envision ways in which Atom can optimize employee operations across all kinds of teams.

For easier understanding, we present the finance solution with the example of a fictitious enterprise - Electron Inc. In the below case, we see how Atom uses its conversational AI capabilities and automates processes that are often managed over spreadsheets and emails for finance teams.

Finance Ops - Case : Intelligent Vendor Approval Flows with Atom

Electron Inc.’s finance team is known for their diligence. For any approval from them, some kind of multi-step, multi-document process with levels of manual verification was mandatory. While this avoided costly errors for the company, employees often found any finance-related process daunting and time-consuming.

This was something they wanted to change, particularly for vendor approvals, so that Electron’s employees could approve new vendors while finance ensured vendors delivered their goods/services while managing costs.

Atom, with its ability to,

  1. Converse with employees and comprehend their approval request
  2. Present them with forms that collect data in a quick, easy-to-fill fashion
  3. Manage approvals within MS Teams, and
  4. Communicate with Electron’s ERP upon approval

- solves for so many delays that arise in the finance process.

You can see Atom in action to solve this case here:

Managing employee requests over MS Teams decreases complexity of the tasks for the employees, and reduces communication gaps caused by different functions working in silos.

AI for finance use case 2: Save everyone’s time with intelligent refund/credit approvals in Atom  

Often, Electron’s CS team offers credits and partial refunds to customers, when there are delays in fixes/implementations, or if the customer would rather downsize than cancel their subscription. There’s a lot of back and forth between the CSM, their manager, the TAM, implementations, and finance. Finance is particular about ensuring they have all the right details validated before processing a refund. They wanted an intelligent way to speed up this refund process.  

That’s where Atom comes in! 

Electron’s finance team set up a refund request item in Atom’s service catalog. They use this to collect all the info they need from a CSM in one go. Atom now allows the CSM to share just the customer ID, amount, and reason for a refund within Teams:

To ensure no other team can access the refund request, Electron leverages Atom’s ability to limit audiences to items:

After the ticket is raised, finance can use Atom as their own helpdesk. Members of the team can review and respond to tickets in Teams, or use the portal provided by Atom. When using the portal, Atom’s AI skills sit with your team in the chatbox, to quickly spruce up responses!

Tickets can also come with SLAs, to ensure fast and streamlined responses to important queries.

when the Finance agent is ready, they can hit approve. Requesters (your CSMs) are informed instantly about the change in the status of their tickets.

This is where the magic of automation kicks in (if you need it). Upon hitting approve, Finance’s work is done. The job of creating the refund in Electron’s billing tool is finished by Atom. Atom even adds a note about details related to the refund:

Did this solution seem like something for your team? Reach out, let’s talk about how your team can leverage Atom for creative, quick, and easy problem solving!

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