Bring your SharePoint documents to Slack and Teams

Enterprise information, just an Atom ask away. Connect Atomicwork with your Microsoft SharePoint account.

Help your employees find information

Remembering which SharePoint site/doc has the answer to your question is an art all to itself. Make it easy for your employees to find information by linking your SharePoint sites with Atomicwork. They can just ask Atom, Atomicwork’s proprietary AI Assistant, inside Microsoft Teams or Slack instead of switching to a separate tab and navigating through file structures.

Personalized, contextual information

Atomicwork respects and inherits permissions from SharePoint so Atom will only serve answers to employees who have access to the source document. Atom also generate succinct summaries, along with accompanying instructive images, so the employee can get to the core of the answer instantly.

Continuous knowledge updates

Atom learns continuously and updates its knowledge every few hours from SharePoint so your team can just connect Atomicwork and SharePoint and work in peace, knowing there’s a continuous flow of knowledge.

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