Instant help.For everyone.

Atomicwork's AI-powered assistant can take any question, any time from your employees so that they don't get stuck at work dealing with everyday needs.

Deliver personalized support

Atom makes scaling support a piece of cake for distributed teams.

Automate IT issues

Free up your IT team's time to focus on important high-impact projects and leave the routine stuff to Atom. Atom can keep pace with your company's growth (no additional headcount!) and leave the IT team to work on the hard problems.

HR support at scale

Atom can learn from your company wiki, HR policy docs, FAQs and even prior conversations on Slack and Microsoft Teams to help employees 24x7. If it's a question that needs a human, Atom will raise it as a request and route it to the right person.

AI you can trust

Atom is built using OpenAI and proprietary Atomicwork technology, however it is grounded in your data. We have built-in guardrails make sure Atom answers questions only based on your content and won't respond inappropriately or incorrectly.

A personal concierge for every employee

Atom can deliver round-the-clock support no matter what the timezone or language.
Support via channels and DMs
Atom can answer questions both in channels and DMs in a conversational, direct manner. No waffling here.
Route requests to channels
Set up routing rules to send requests to relevant teams and workspaces so that they always land in the right inbox.
Historical learning
Atom learns from the public channels it's added to so it can instantly start answering questions from employees.
Atom delivers just-in-time updates and replies to employees via Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Atom fetches services from different workspaces and routes service requests to the right teams for speedy resolutions.
Every team can manage their requests, channels and topics in their own spaces and keep them private and secure.