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Product updates: What’s new in January

Here’s everything we shipped in January to make 2024 your most productive year yet.

Time flies when you’re having fun or building a conversational ITSM solution to help IT teams improve employee satisfaction, unlock productivity, and modernize their IT processes. Feels like we were just writing to you about our 2023 updates and now, here we are, writing to you about our January product updates.

Here’s everything we shipped in January to make 2024 your most productive year yet:

  • Measure what matters with Atom insights and request reports.
  • Save even bite-sized answers to Atomicwork using verified answers.
  • Atom now learns from SharePoint sites and YouTube links (it learns from the transcript; we made sure it can’t fall into the YouTube blackhole)

Measure your AI assistant’s performance 📈

We heard back from prospects and customers that data about what questions Atom was able to answer, who was asking these questions, and how they rated the support would be really useful in helping them with reporting. With these reports, they can stay on top of question trends and answer rates through Atom insights and request reports.

Admins can now drill down into Atom’s effectiveness and requests performance. These reports can help teams understand end-user behavior, by segment and time period, and optimize their knowledge base and training accordingly.

Next up, we’re working on uncovering themes in questions posed to Atom so IT admins can get an overview of burning questions from end users.

You don’t need a doc for that: Verified answers

Save even bite-sized answers to your knowledge base through verified answers. For e.g., you can use verified answers for questions like “What’s the wifi password?”, “How many days are we expected to work from office in a week?”, etc. Atom serves verified answers as-is.

You can upload attachments along with your short answers and include links in your answers for further reading. You can also tell us how people ask the question in different ways – this helps Atom surface the answer no matter how different your employees phrase the question.

Unlock automation possibilities by leveraging data from actions

As anyone who has ever tried to automate a workflow will tell you, the really tough part is chaining them so that the actions performed by different workflows (aka the “output”) trigger and feed into other workflows.

For example, you’re setting up an onboarding workflow for new hires. When someone joins, you want:

  • The HR team to log a request
  • A workflow to take the data in this request and automatically create a new Azure AD account for them (an action)
  • Use the information from the previous action to add them to the relevant groups in Azure AD so they have access to all the tools they need. This way, the second action only works when the first workflow action succeeds so only the right data is added.
  • Maybe you even use this information to set up a webhook so that this workflow also creates an employee profile in the HRMS 🙂 Stranger things have happened.

Speaking of workflows, webhooks also support GET actions now which means you can pull data from any tool into Atomicwork and use it within actions.

This month I learned by Atom

  • I can now learn from YouTube transcripts, SharePoint sites, and SharePoint aspx pages to answer questions 🎉
  • I also learned that a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve started including relevant images and screenshots from documents in my answers.
  • The Atomicwork team has added the ability for admins to restrict the download of documents in case they want to make sure multiple versions of source documents are not floating around.
  • Admins can also set audience for services in the service catalog to make sure I pull up the right services for employees based on their context. For example, I will only show Australian employees laptop options available to Australian employees and not ones available to American employees.
  • End users can attach documents while raising service requests. Previously, they had to upload it to their file-sharing service and send a link through me or wait for an agent to get assigned their request and DM them for the file which was admittedly a drag.


The January product updates have brought several exciting enhancements to our platform.

From verified answers and analytics in Atom to audience settings, request analytics in ITSM to deeper workflow capabilities, these updates empower organizations to deliver better service and support. We are committed to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our users. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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