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Spring product updates

A quick look at all the important features we built in March and April 2024 to help you level up your IT service management.

Welcome to our March-April feature roundup, where we spotlight all the features we’ve built to streamline your service management in the last month. Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Asset management!
  • More Atom skills to help your employees be more productive
  • Employee satisfaction surveys when requests are created
  • Bamboo HR workflow actions
  • Get updates on requests by following them
  • Smart request routing.

Let’s dive in!

Track and manage assets through their lifecycle

Assets tracked with care,
Through life cycle, fair and square,
Order in the air.

Service request management is not complete if IT teams can’t track assets alongside requests. So we put our heads down and worked super hard to bring you asset management!

Connect Atomicwork with your Microsoft Intune account so you can sync assets from Intune, link them to incidents, and even perform asset actions like “remote lock” (deployed with much amusement on various unsuspecting team members during demos), “wipe” and “reset passcode”!

This way, IT admins now have the ability to get an overview of an asset’s entire lifecycle, from purchase to decommisions, so they can optimize spend. And IT agents can get up to speed on assets and perform quick actions without having to switch between multiple apps.

Atom powerups: User provisioning, status updates, Okta password reset, and more!

Skills in March shine,
Productivity will climb,
Atom, divine.

In a continuous effort to make employees more efficient and productive while freeing up IT teams from the burden of endless, repetitive requests, we’ve introduced 5 new skills.

IT admins can just integrate their apps with Atomicwork to:

  • Add a user to an app managed by Azure AD. Admins can make sure that the right approval mechanisms are in place before Atom seamlessly adds employees to the apps they desire
  • Fetch app status. Sometimes, you’re not sure if it’s you, your computer, or the APP which is why we gave Atom a power-up to fetch app status on demand. End-users no longer have to go looking on the web to find out if their favorite app is down - they can just ask Atom!
  • Reset passwords, Okta edition. Just like with Azure AD, all an end-user has to do is verify their identity and they can get their password reset for them by Atom. Productivity 🚀
  • Add a user to a distribution list. Don’t you hate it when you want to be a part of a mailing list but it’s a real chore to find out the owner so they can add you so you ask the IT team but they ask you to create a request so you have to wait to be a part of the list? We do which is why we built an Atom skill that enables employees to request access to distribution lists (comes in both approval and approval-free editions!)
  • Add a user to a GitHub repo. Get near-instant access to GitHub repositories, with the proper approval mechanisms in place of course! IT admins can even make sure that this skill is available only for certain roles in specific departments.

Get direct feedback where it counts

Surveys pop, feedback flows,
In Slack, Teams, emails it shows,
Service excellence grows.

Send satisfaction surveys and get direct feedback from employees, across Slack, Teams, or email. After a request is resolved, a survey pops up—just a click and employees share their satisfaction level, plus any comments. IT admins can set up 2, 3, or 5-point scale surveys to capture feedback.

Unleash HR Efficiency with the BambooHR - Atomicwork integration

BambooHR meets Atomicwork,
Ease in each HR task,
People over process spark.

Now, initiating time-off requests and setting up new users is a breeze. Imagine the simplicity:

  1. John from accounting decides to take a vacation.
  2. He submits a time-off request via Slack; the workflow springs into action, updating his BambooHR records. No forms, no fuss.

Plus, when welcoming new team members, IT admins can create user profiles with a single command – focusing more on people, less on process.

Keep an eye on requests that matter

Follow requests, ease,
Updates flow, ceaseless chase ends,
Admin’s mind at peace.

Agents can now follow requests and receive updates. For example, if Sarah, an IT admin, wants to keep a close eye on an urgent, high-impact request, she doesn’t have to keep following up with the agent or refreshing the page constantly. She can just hit “follow” and receive notifications every time there’s an agent or requester update.

Request routing gets an atomic update

Requests in DMs flow,
To right workspace they will go,
Atom makes it so.

When a request is raised, Atom can now automatically route the request created in DMs or channels to the right workspaces, based on the request description. For example, a request about 'email issues' is sent directly to the IT team, just by identifying keywords like 'Outlook' or 'email down' in the request. No detours, no delays.

Other updates:

  • Audit logs now capture changes in service catalogs and workflows. Whether it’s a workflow’s description being edited or a new service item added, it’s all logged.
  • A big spring UI refresh that includes cleaner sections, the ability to add custom columns to views in the request list page, and filter requests by whatever attributes work best for you. Want to see how good it looks? Sign up for a demo.
  • Agents can now filter requests based on survey ratings and nested attributes. Low survey ratings? Flag them for immediate attention to turn a service frown upside down. Nested attributes? Sort requests into fine-grained categories, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Overall, these updates are another step forward to providing a helpful, fair, and safe AI-powered assistant that empowers employees and IT teams to work smarter and faster. If you want to see this in action, sign up for a demo on our website!

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